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A Harness For Dogs, What A Harness Is, What Kind Of Harness Comes From, Where The Harness Came From, How To Choose

A Harness For Dogs, What A Harness Is, What Kind Of Harness Comes From, Where The Harness Came From, How To Choose

Many owners do not even suspect what harm to health can cause such a simple object of dog ammunition as a collar. I think everyone has ever seen how a temperamental leash pulls a dog or simply not raised, while walking. In this case, the dog’s breathing becomes more frequent, as a result of squeezing of the larynx and trachea, many dogs cough or wheeze, and some even vomit. With such a squeeze many dogs, over time, there are serious health problems.

In confirmation of my words, I will cite the data of the zoopsychologist Anders Hallgren, who conducted research on more than 300 dogs that were in canine clubs in Sweden, while the researcher noted that 90% of the animals had damage to the neck and spinal cord. Such damage inevitably caused pain, which in turn caused such undesirable consequences as fearfulness at the sight of the collar, sometimes aggressiveness, uncontrollability during training. The researcher came to the conclusion that such injuries appeared in dogs when jerking a leash, especially when using strict collars and chain strangulation. After conducting research, Anders Hallgren came to the conclusion that it is more humane to use softer effects on the neck – dog harnesses.

It is difficult to say exactly when the harness was born, but it is absolutely certain that it appeared as part of the ammunition of sled dogs, when they were used as animals. It is obvious that such a part of the ammunition should be absolutely comfortable, since an animal with a painful syndrome will simply refuse to pull the load.

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The classic dog harness consists of two main belts, which encircle the animal through the sternum and along the body, and are interconnected in four places, between the front paws and along the ridge line. The leash is attached to the point located at the withers. The beauty of this design is that it evenly distributes the load throughout the body, while the animal does not experience excessive load on the neck or spine, so the animal feels comfortable enough in the harness, especially since dogs in a harness are easier to control in such an ammunition.

However, one should not think that the harness does not have its drawbacks. Such a disadvantage is that the animal feels freer in the harness and therefore can be distracted while practicing, and making a jerk with a harness and harness is more difficult, but if you can control the dog’s behavior without jerking, then harness is a great option for you.

When choosing a harness for the dog, make sure that it meets the following requirements:

– material for the strap should be durable, lightweight, while soft and durable. Also, the material should be easy to wash off dirt.

– it is better to choose straps with several fasteners, since such a harness can be better adjusted to fit the animal, which will allow it to feel better when moving.

– the harness should fit snugly enough to the body, but at the same time not constrain the movement of the animal. To check whether you have adjusted the strap correctly, insert your palm between the animal’s body and the harness, if the palm fits tightly against the body, it means that you fastened the harness too tightly. On the contrary, if the harness sags, it is necessary to adjust it more carefully, as a sagging harness can cause injury to the dog.

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It should be understood that with all the convenience of using the harness, it cannot be constantly worn by an animal, since even the best quality harness for long-term wearing can cause allergies or just animal discomfort, therefore, when you come home, immediately remove the harness and let the dog rest from it.


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