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A Harness For Small And Large Breeds Of Dogs

A harness for walking with a dog.
High quality! Consists of durable nylon material.
High tensile strength of the material, soft lining.

M – medium (chest 50-75 cm)
L – large (chest 60-80 cm)
XL – the largest (chest 75-95 cm)

A harness for walking with a dog.
High quality! Consists of durable nylon material.
High tensile strength of the material, soft lining.

S – small (neck 55 cm, chest 45-60 cm)
M – medium (neck 65 cm, chest 50-75 cm)
L – large (neck 75 cm, chest 60-80 cm)
XL – the largest (neck 85 cm, chest 75-105 cm)

A harness for walking with a dog.
High quality! Consists of durable nylon material.
High tensile strength of the material, soft lining.

S – medium (chest 60-75 cm)
M – large (chest 65-80 cm)
L – the largest (chest 70-90 cm)

Travel bag for walking with a dog. Designed for medium and large breeds of dogs. Consists of durable waterproof material. Side zip pockets. The bag is equipped with additional handles, which allows you to safely carry separately to give your dog a rest. Three color options: red, blue, camouflage.
The area of ​​the abdominal circumference from 43 to 90cm

LED harness for walking with a dog. Bright glow will not lose sight of your pet. High quality! Consists of durable nylon material. High tensile strength of the material, soft lining. 3 modes of operation: continuous lighting, flashes quickly, flashes slowly. Powered by batteries. It can be washed as it is polluted.
S – medium (chest 33-38 cm)
M – large (chest 39-48 cm)
L – the largest (chest 49-58 cm)
XL – even more (chest 59-68 cm)

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How to choose a harness for small breeds of dogs correctly?

The harnesses have quite a few varieties: walking, training, working, riding and special, for example, for guide dogs. It all depends on the breed of dog, and for what purpose is selected ammunition. Harnesses for smaller breeds of dogs are a necessity rather than a luxury. It is they who best preserve the already fragile bones and muscles. To pick a harness, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of three parameters: the girth of the chest, neck, and the length of the back from the base of the withers to the base of the tail. Keep in mind that in order for the harness not to harm the animal, it should not be too tight to the body, but sagging should not occur. The ideal option is when your palm passes between the body of the dog and the straps. It is best to purchase ammunition with multiple fasteners. This is necessary so that the dog does not have to "cram", since the creation of any discomfort can cause a negative impression on the animal and lead to difficulties in further dressing or undressing.

What are the age limits for wearing Harness?

Using harness has its own age limit. Neglecting them, you can unknowingly harm the health and development of the puppy, the weak bones at an early age can easily succumb to deformation. Harnesses for small dogs can be used only after 6 months, for large and medium breeds – after 8-10. Pay special attention to how the harness strap passes, especially for small dogs, near the armpit. Too close location gives the dog when walking a lot of discomfort and even pain. After a few weeks, the gait deteriorates, and the setting of the paws is bent. If a dog participates in exhibitions, then this is a serious problem that could ruin your entire future career. A weighty argument for using harness is the fact that the dog feels more freedom. Although the harness relaxes the animal, and it can ignore the owner’s commands, the collar adjusts to a more serious attitude.

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Harnesses for small dog breeds

A harness for small dogs can easily become not only a practical and convenient way to control and educate a pet, but also make the appearance more attractive and interesting. Modern production manufactures harness that will not only preserve the health of your baby, but also bring the "flavor" in the image. Adjustable straps can be adapted to any features of the shape and structure of the animal, which provides the best protection against possible damage. The rings can be detachable, as small animals will not be able to straighten or deform the metal.

A Harness For Small And Large Breeds Of Dogs

What materials are used in the production of shleek?

For production, mainly soft materials are used: velor, suede, cotton, soft leather. They prevent damage and rubbing of the skin. All materials are easily washable, and, with careful treatment, can serve for a long time. Rhinestones, sequins and other bright decorations are used to give an original and unique design.

Harness for large breeds of dogs

Large dogs have enough power to make the accessory worthless with one movement. By production of such shleek only dense and strong synthetic materials are used. They are durable, easy to wash, dry quickly and do not give in to deformation. To pick up the harness for large breeds of dogs, before buying, be sure to inspect the ammunition for defects and damage. For a more budget option, you can use a tarpaulin, although it does not have such high performance. As for the rings, they should only be cast, as a last resort, reliably welded, since the separable ones can be straightened with a strong jerk. Metal spikes or rivets are mainly used as decorations.

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When use a harness with additional weights?

Often for training large dogs choose a harness with an additional load. In the design of this type there are special departments. Weight, if necessary, can be adjusted. Typically, such a harness for large dogs is used to develop or maintain the shape of muscle muscles. The increase in load should occur gradually, but not exceeding the maximum capabilities of the animal. Otherwise, only health damage will be done, no improvement in physical fitness can be achieved. Although many dog ​​breeders and veterinarians claim that to distribute the load correctly and evenly without harming the dog, only a professional can.

How to choose the perfect harness for your pet?

To choose the most suitable ammunition, you can use the size tables, patterns and other publicly available materials. But you can choose the perfect harness only after fitting, since the structural features of each dog are individual.


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