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A Harness Or Collar – Which Is Better To Choose For A Dog

A Harness Or Collar - Which Is Better To Choose For A Dog

When we decide to have a dog, we must reckon with the need to provide it with the necessary accessories. A full bowl of good food, a cozy lair and a bunch of toys are not everything. You also need accessories for walking, such as a leash and … that’s actually the question – a collar or harness? What would be better for the pet and what to choose, so that joint walks were safe and pleasant?

What is safer and better – harness or collar?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Both harness and collars have their loyal followers. A lot of rumors circulate about both these accessories, in particular, about their possible harmfulness to the health of the dog. For example, many owners claim that the braces can cause excessive pressure on the dog’s chest, deform the ribs and even cause bulging blades. Others point to a number of dangers associated with wearing a collar. In their opinion, this subject, squeezing the dog’s trachea, threatens its health and even life.

Such an abundance of conflicting information can cause complete confusion in thoughts. So what to choose so that our beloved pet will not be harmed, what will be better for him – a new-fashioned harness or a good old collar? First of all, we must remember that properly selected accessories in both cases do not pose any danger to the dog. Regardless of which option we choose, we must measure the pet accurately and select the model that is ideally suited to its size. In addition to the size of the four-legged friend, we must also pay attention to his temperament and habits associated with walks. It is also necessary to take into account the purpose for which the harness or collar will be used. Is it just a peaceful walk in the park or intensive training or running a bicycle? All this is of great importance when choosing the "right" accessory.

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When should a dog be wearing harness?

Both the harness and collar will be a good choice, provided that we adapt them to the size of the dog, its temperament and the nature of the walk. However, there are many situations in which the harness will still be much better than the collar.

Firstly, the harness for the dog is just more convenient than the collar. The animal does not press anything, it feels more comfortable. It is especially recommended to harness dog breeds with the delicate structure of the neck and cervical spine (for example, Yorkshire) or dogs who like to pull the leash heavily while walking. Both are subject to abrasions to the neck or painful pressure on the trachea.

When is the harness even better than the collar? It is also perfect for sports accompanied by a pet. A dog wearing such an accessory can run with us or near our bike.

How to choose a harness for the dog?

Choosing such a device for a pet, you should carefully measure the neck girth at the base, as well as the width of the chest in the widest place. Equally important is the width of the straps. The general rule says that the larger the dog, the wider the strips should be. For a large individual, it is better to choose a harness with strips not less than 4 cm wide. For small breeds, these strips should be, respectively, thinner.

You also need to avoid all sorts of additional decorations that can interfere with your pet’s walking or cause abrasions. It is worth choosing products, hemmed with a soft fleece or felt. They are even more comfortable and do not provoke any abrasions or inflammation of the skin.

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When should a dog wear a collar?

A Harness Or Collar - Which Is Better To Choose For A Dog

The collar is suitable during the "education" of the dog, for example, training the pet to walk nearby. When practicing obedience, you should choose a product that provides the best contact between the dog and the guide and the ability to correct the behavior and condition of the animal.

Collars are better suited for large and strong breeds that are harder to handle. The harness does not give the owner enough control over a large, agitated pet that rages at the sight of a cat or other dog. Thanks to the collar, it will be easier to divert the attention of the four-legged friend and direct him to something else.


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