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Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

A harness is a type of dog ammunition that replaces a collar. The model is mounted not on the neck, but on the body of the dog. This fixture It is made of cloth or leather belts that run under the breast and connect at the back between the shoulder blades. In such an adaptation, your pet will feel much better, because the harness, unlike a collar, does not cause discomfort to the animal and does not injure.

Types of shlek

All Harness accepted subdivide into several subtypes depending on the destination:

  1. Daily walking harness – made from durable materials with a long service life – most often it is nylon or leather.
  2. Medical harness vest. This device is intended for walks with a sick or injured pet. Such models cover most of the dog’s body and fasten around the hind legs, which allows the pet to move, relying on the front paws.
  3. A variety of products for animals of large breeds. Until recently, it was believed that such accessories are intended only for walking dogs of small breeds. However, modern industry provides harness for large dogs. These models are designed in a special way and do not allow the animal to pull the leash. It is very convenient for both the animal and the owner.
  4. Harness for dogs of small breeds. It is for such breeds that the largest number of models is available today.
  5. Products for little puppies. This type of ammunition can be used for walking puppies not earlier than 6 – 9 months. By this time, the puppy will form a skeleton and strengthen its muscles. If you wear this ammunition at the wrong time – it can harm the baby.
  6. Devices for exhibitions and competitions. Such devices perfectly emphasize the dignity of the exterior of the animal. Typically, these accessories are decorated with beautiful accessories and have an elegant design.
  7. Harnesses for riding breeds of dogs. These devices are designed for Malamutes, Huskies or Samoyeds and therefore have a special design. Since these dogs can save a person in a snow blockage or after an avalanche, products for them must be especially durable and convenient design.
  8. Freight dog harnesses – designed for training dogs and preparing them for competitions. Equipped with additional goods. They are made in two versions – a load is attached to the harness, which will be pulled by a dog or the load of different mass is put into special pockets.
  9. For small breeds of pets with short fur models are made in the form of a warming vest.
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These accessories are not intended. for animals of fighting breeds – pit bull terriers, amstaffs. These animals can feel at ease and cause harm to someone. Walking with such pets, on a mandatory basis they are muzzled.

What material are made of

Among other things, it is very important to pay attention to what material the acquired accessory is made of. Of particular importance it has there, where we are talking about large rocks.

  1. Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

    Very practical products made of synthetic material. They are not so susceptible to soaking and are very easy to clean with a regular wash. Such products are characterized by increased strength and durability.

  2. A very budget option is a harness for dogs made of canvas. This option is the most inexpensive, but the canvas tape is more susceptible to wear. Another disadvantage of a tarpaulin is its ability to get wet quickly and to dry for a very long time.
  3. Products from genuine leather look the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. However, they can lose their shape and stretch out after getting wet. Dried skin can crack and become very rough. Thus, leather harnesses for dogs are very expensive and impractical products. She should wear them for a walk in wet rainy weather.

When you need a dog harness

You can wear a harness to your pet in the process of its specific activity or in a number of other situations.

  1. Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

    If the animal is overly active and always tries to break off the leash, causing injury to itself.

  2. For dogs whose neck circumference is greater than head circumference, a collar is not the most suitable option for going out. When tilting the head, the collar slides off from such a head.
  3. It is more practical to use harness when it comes to dwarf breeds of pets – toy terriers or Yorkshire terriers.
  4. Dogs that have a naturally shortened wide face may have breathing problems, and a collar can cause discomfort. In harness, such pet breeds breathe much easier.

Wearing a harness on pets of small breeds is allowed from the age of six months. Larger dogs dress up with this accessory from 8–10 months. If you resort to wearing the strap too early – it can cause deformation of the joints of the forelimbs.

Entail such a pathological condition may improper fastening of the hinge on the animal. Fixing beltb passes too close to the anterior armpits – this adversely affects the state of the musculoskeletal system. This misappropriation starts to cause pain and discomfort, which is why the dog begins to twist its elbows unnaturally to relieve its condition. After a few weeks of such wearing the animal spoils the setting of its paws and you can forget about participation in exhibitions for a long time.

How to choose and wear the harness

To choose the right harness for dogs according to the size of the pet, special tables have been developed. To use them, the following measurements are necessary dogs.

  1. Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

    The length of the back is measured from the base of the tail to the withers.

  2. Girth of the neck.
  3. The girth of the chest is measured immediately behind the elbows of the animal. To the resulting figure add 1 cm for small breeds of dogs and 2 cm for large ones.
  4. For sled dogs, the distance from the sternum to the withers, the length of the chest and the distance from the end of the sternum to the beginning of the tail are also measured.

With proper selection, the product will not crush the dog, but will not hang out. Under the properly worn harness should pass the human palm.

When performing the fitting, it is important to know how to properly wear the harness. For this there is a step by step detailed instructions.

  1. Braid For Dogs And Puppies Of Various Breeds

    If the dog is overly active or aggressive, it must first be fixed before fitting. You can clamp the body of the animal between the legs in the back.

  2. The harness extends so that its soft part is inside.
  3. Closed in the form of a ring part of the design is worn on the pet and is adjusted depending on the size of the animal’s body.
  4. The strap is adjustable for the length of the dog’s body.
  5. The dog’s paw is held in the space between the closed ring and the web.
  6. The jumper is passed through the chest of the animal.
  7. If the product is put on the dog correctly, one of its sides remains free. It is necessary to put it on the dog’s left paw and fasten the strap.
  8. After putting on it is necessary to put the pet on the floor and check that the product belts do not put pressure on the neck and at the same time lay tight enough. At the end, you need to check whether all the clasps are locked.

The first fitting Harness can be quite time consuming and difficult task. However, after a couple of donations, the animal becomes fully accustomed to this procedure, and the owner gains enough experience to do this quickly and confidently.


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