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Braid For Dogs Recommendations On The Selection And Acquisition

Everyone knows that when walking dogs it is important to provide the animal with comfortable conditions for vigorous activity and physical activity. But just leave the dog without control is impossible. Therefore, it is important to choose a quality device to regulate the actions of the animal. As this, you can use the harness for dogs.

What are the advantages of using harness for dogs?

A harness for dogs is a type of harness that softens the load on the body of an animal with a sharp pressure on the neck and spine. However, many will wonder: why not use a collar? Indeed, on the one hand, this seems to be a more profitable and convenient device for walking pets.

Firstly, a collar with sharp movements from the side of a wagon or a person can injure a dog and even cause choking.
Secondly, in some breeds of dogs, for example, in pugs, the girth of the head and neck is almost the same, so the collar does not make sense. More information about the collar for dogs can be read here.

As for the harness, it covers not only the neck, but also the front paws of the animal. Therefore, even with active movements, she will not be able to jump off the pet and bring him discomfort.

How to choose a harness for the dog?

To do this, you need to personally make measurements of some parameters of the pet.

  1. Braid For Dogs Recommendations On The Selection And Acquisition

    Girth of the neck. Measured in the place where the collar will be.

  2. Chest circumference. Determined immediately behind the pet’s front paws.
  3. Body length Measurements are made from the beginning of the neck to the base of the tail.

The size of the strap is indicated in the same way as clothing for people: from XXS to XL.

There are special tables in which the values ​​of chest girth and size correspond to animals of a particular breed. For example, a harness for small dogs has a size of XXS, a girth width of up to 35 cm and a 15 cm strap.

Loosen all straps and unfasten the rivets for free dressing of the harness.

  • Take turns giving the pet to push its paws into the same end-to-end compartments.
  • To fasten all the buckles and clasps so that they do not touch the wool and do not cause anxiety to the animal.
  • Attach the lead carabiner to the ring at the top of the harness to control the movement of the dog.
  • Types of shlek for dogs

    By design, all the harnesses are similar, since they cover both the neck and the front legs of animals.

    However, there are variations that can vary in the number of fasteners and rings, material and purpose.

    It should be determined exactly what material is more profitable and reliable to use in the manufacture of shleek.

    1. Braid For Dogs Recommendations On The Selection And Acquisition

      Synthetics. Its main advantage lies in the long-term, because things from this material can withstand washing and do not get wet. Very tight to the pet’s body, so it can be given its due in strength.

    2. Tarpaulin. A more profitable option, but suitable only for walking options, because it gets wet quickly and drastically stretches over time.
    3. Leather. The most durable and expensive material, but when it gets wet it deteriorates and becomes less reliable.

    The most common type of shleek – pleasure. In this case, the belt is made not very thick to ensure the freedom of movement of the pet, as well as for proper heat exchange. In this case, the buckles must be made more durable, preferably from metal. This is especially true of active and large dogs, which, with sudden movements, can tear off the attachment and damage the harness.

    For owners of pets of a small breed, a dog harness for dogs is a good choice, as it provides softer pressure on the body, as well as an additional source of heat in bad weather. Many try to make decorative dogs more attractive and stylish. In this case, you can give free rein to the fantasy and figure out how to make the harness for the dog more colorful, decorate it with ruffles or blankets.

    There is a rather specific option – these are glowing harnesses for dogs, the glow of which is provided by the built-in batteries. They are used not only for beauty, but also as a useful gadget for walking in the dark. However, compared to how much a dog harness costs for dogs under normal conditions, this option is not very profitable. Walking synthetic or canvas harness varies from 300 to 1000 rubles, depending on the material and additional components of the strap.

    The criteria for walking shleek relate to cases for sports. Also here can be used special weighting for belts for additional load.

    For tracker dogs, rescuers and hounds belts make more durable and wide.

    As for the material, it is better to use a tarp or leather. Therefore, for responsible work the price of a harness for large dogs should be higher than for a pleasure dog: more than 2,000 rubles.

    Recommendations for choosing shleek for dogs

    To understand how to put a harness on the dog and not make a mistake with the choice, you need to follow some proven tips. Such as:

    The material from which the belts are made should not enslave the movement of the pet.

  • The more massive and active a pet is, the more durable rivets and rings should be.
  • The more rings – the stronger the carabiner of the leash will hold. That is why for animals with a special purpose a harness for a dog with three rings is used to hold the leash carabiner tighter.
  • The design should not be complex and literally divided. Therefore, it is better to choose a harness with a lot of zippers than to torture a pet with a long process of dressing.
  • When measuring pet parameters, add 1 cm to each value.
  • Thus, a dog harness is not only attractive, but also a practical option for a comfortable walk for pets. Also read the article about making clothes for small dogs.

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