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Braid For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Wear

Many dog ​​owners take their animals for a walk on a leash with a collar. But, if the pet is very active, then trying to escape the collar can cause him injury. For walking of such animals a special device is used – a harness.

Often it is worn on dogs with a small head and a large neck girth, from which the collars simply fall. Breeders recommend using harness for puppies and small dogs such as Yorkshire, Beagle, Chihuahua. Also suitable is such a device for animals with a problematic respiratory system, which include bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese, Sharpei.

Types and features

Replacing collar dog ammunition, consists of cloth or leather belts that run through the body and through the chest, and are connected between the front paws. On sale you can see different types of harnesses, each of which has its own purpose:

  1. walking ammunition. Such a device is made of nylon or leather. Since it is intended for everyday wear, the material must be durable and the product must be of high quality;
  2. harness for shepherd dogs, huskies, alabayev, bull terriers and other large breeds. Devices have a special design, cast rings and durable straps. Some models are sold with special decorations in the form of shiny rivets and studs;
  3. harness for small dogs. Decorative pets just need such a device, as the collars squeeze their fragile and weak neck. The design is better to choose from soft leather, cotton, velor, suede or other soft material. Such products are durable and easy to clean. Some owners choose products with rhinestones or stick them themselves;
  4. shleya for riding breeds. Products have a special design and are made of durable material. They should be comfortable and durable, as they are intended for dogs, which in snow-covered areas are used instead of transport, and during avalanches to save people;
  5. fixtures in the form of a vest. They are put on small dogs with short hair, which are cold in cold weather;
  6. cargo harnesses. To prepare the pet for competition and keep the animal in good shape, accessories are made with special pockets in which the load is placed;
  7. shleya for dog shows and shows. Special models are created with bright fittings and beautiful finishes, which favorably emphasize the external advantages of the pet;
  8. harness for puppies. Kids for a walk in such a device can be removed only after their muscles have strengthened and a skeleton is formed. This usually occurs between the ages of six and nine months. If you wear a harness earlier, it can harm the puppy’s health;
  9. medical harness vest. Injured pets, it is recommended to take out for a walk in special devices that capture most of the body. As a result, the animal relies on its forelimbs.
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Sizes of shlek for dogs

To choose a device for walking a pet, it should be measured. It is necessary to find out the following dog parameters: neck girth, volume of the widest part of the chest, length from withers to the start of the tail. For these sizes, you can determine which particular harness your pet needs:

XXS – a product for an animal with a chest girth from 33 to 45 cm. Suitable for dwarf pinschers, chihuahua;

  • XS – devices for dogs whose chest volume is 40–55 cm. Can be used for pugs;
  • S – harness for dogs Cocker Spaniels, Fox Terriers, Beagles and other breeds that have a chest girth of 50−70 cm;
  • M – harness for dogs with a chest girth from 60 to 80 cm. These include a boxer, a Labrador;
  • L – product for animals with a breast volume of 70−100 cm. It can be a rottweiler, Doberman, shepherd;
  • XL – devices for walking with dogs, whose chest girth reaches from 90 to 130 cm. These large animals include Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Great Dane.
  • The comfort of the dog while walking directly depends on the correct choice of harness. Should choose a product that will not be too snug. When the stitching is fully fastened, a palm should pass between it and the pet’s torso.

    Criterias of choice

    Having decided on the size, and choosing the right model, you need to pay attention to the following points. The material of the product must be durable and synthetic. It differs in durability, durability, easily washes off and does not get wet.

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    Expensive and beautiful leather goods not very practical. They get wet in the rain, as a result of which they stretch. Dried skin may crack and become tough. Cheap canvas fasteners wear out quickly, do not wash well and dry for a long time.

    Special attention should turn on the carbine leash. For large and medium dogs, it should be made only from metal. A small carbine is also suitable for small dogs. But clasp in both cases should be of high quality.

    For decorative little pets fit soft material harness, which are easy to put on. The strength of the material in this case is not important.

    When walking or training, the animal should not interfere with anything, so you need to pay attention to the buckles and buckles. did not press on the body, and the rivets did not catch the wool.

    Braid For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Wear

    Durable, molded buckles and rings made of steel are used for handling and service work. A high-quality, properly selected accessory will last a long time, and it will be convenient for your pet to walk or work.

    How to wear a harness

    In order for the dog to feel comfortable in the new walking device, you need to know how to put it on correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

    Braid For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Wear

    pick up the harness and gently clamp the pet in the back area between the legs;

  • push a device through the head of the dog so that the straps are on the neck;
  • raise the animal’s paw and push it between the lower and upper strap, which are buttoned together;
  • to unbuttoned straps behind the second paw and fasten them;
  • check all straps that should not be turned over;
  • attach a leash to the ring.
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    The first putting on the accessory may seem time consuming and quite difficult. A pet may not like this procedure. But over time, he will get used and will stand still.

    Every dog ​​owner decides for himself to walk his pet with a collar or harness. To make the animal comfortable, you need to choose an accessory. in size and good quality. Especially like new clothes will have an active pet.


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