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Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

For dogs, especially smaller ones, harness is much more convenient than a collar with a leash. Due to the larger surface, it is not so much pressure on the body, does not erase wool and practically does not constrain movements. Of course, for maximum convenience, you need to precisely adjust the harness to the size of the dog. Now we will learn how to make a harness for the dog with our own hands.

Braid for small dogs do it yourself

To make a chihuahua harness with your own hands, you will need a minimum of materials and quite a bit of time, and in return your pet will be able to walk in a unique collar that no other dog has anymore.

Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

You need the following materials:

  • any fabric: canvas, tarpaulin, thick cotton;
  • 1 meter of narrow braid (1 cm) and 1.5 meters of a sling for a leash;
  • carbine;
  • clasp;
  • half ring.
Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

There is no specific recommendation on the choice of fabric for Harness, the main thing is to make your dog comfortable. If the harness is summer, you can choose breathable fabrics. If clothes for winter, then use more dense.

Before you start to sew a harness for the dog with your own hands, you need to measure it by taking three measurements: neck girth, chest and the distance between them. Do not forget the allowances for the palm to pass between the harness and the dog. In accordance with the measurements build a pattern on paper. She looks like aprons.

Apply the pattern to the fabric and circle, cut out a fabric harness. First we tie the narrow braid to the harness, and then we fasten it on a typewriter. Do not forget to thread the semi-ring on the transverse band. Bend the edges of the product inside and process them with a thin satin ribbon from the inside. You can not do this and just stitch the curved edge, but with a ribbon it will be neater and more convenient to a pet.

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For the neck, we make a loop of tape: try on, so that the head of the dog freely enters and leaves it when put on and off. Next, we attach a sling at the level of the dog’s abdomen and after fitting we attach a plastic clasp to it.

Our harness is almost ready, it remains only to sew the carabiner to the leash, which is a 1.5 meter line. With the help of a carbine and a half-ring, the leash and harness are attached to each other during walks.

Actually, now it is possible to say with accuracy that our harness is ready for the dog. Do not forget that between the strap and the stomach of the dog should be placed palm, then the animal will be comfortable and nothing will push.


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