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Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Dog Shlek Classification

Consider the main types of shleek for dogs and try to classify them.

Dog Shlek Classification

Driving Harness

Their tailoring is made specifically for the dog. By the way, such constructions are called sports, and nylon is usually used as a base material for the manufacture of such harnesses, or canvas is selected.

Sports Harnesses

This kind of Schleek is used for weitpulling or as cargo. Also this type of shleek is applied also to tasks on training of an animal. When it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of a certain physical form of a pet, it is also used such Harness. Dogs that take part in the competition, equip it in such harness.

Harnesses with weights

The peculiarity of this variety of shleek is that the belts are made pockets in which you can place the goods. They are necessary for keeping the animal in good physical shape. Using this type of harness for your dog during training, it is necessary to control the process of training, eliminating jumps in their course.

Harnesses for track work

This type of harness is made of leather and intended for service dogs. And their main feature is that they fit snugly to the body, and at the same time do not impede inhaling and exhaling the animal.

Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Harnesses for large breeds

This type of accessory can not be used for fighting dogs, as well as animals used in the service. Also, you can not equip such harness and aggressive pets.

Medical harnesses

By its appearance, this kind of harness is a vest, which is worn on 2/3 of the pet’s body. Its use can significantly reduce the load on the hind limbs of the dog. Note that such harnesses are used only for sick pets.

Braid For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Puppies for puppies

According to experts, from the age of six months on the dog it is necessary to wear special harness. They avoid the situation of dislocation of the legs. In addition, wearing such a strap allows a young dog to better develop the pectoral muscles.

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LED Harnesses

Experts do not recommend wearing such a device on a dog on an ongoing basis, because the long-term effect of LEDs on an animal causes the dog’s attention to dissipate.

Rules for putting on pet harness

For walking with a dog it is best to use not a collar with a leash, but a harness that provides comfort when walking for the pet. If you decide to make your dog pleasant and have purchased a harness, then you will face the problem of how to properly put on the harness. To do this correctly, you should refer to special videos that are present in large quantities on the Internet. After watching these videos, you can get an idea of ​​how to properly put the harness on the dog. The basic principles of putting animal harnesses on will be discussed below.

When dressing the harness, you need to keep your pet with your feet around the back. Especially to do so is necessary in those cases if your pet is a large animal. The leash must be straightened by placing it inward with a soft surface.

Next, you need to put on a ring neck and tail.

The next step for you is to push the paw on one side and neatly fasten it with a special fastener.

When this is done, it is necessary to do the same on the other side.

Then you need to let go of the pet, and then check all the clasps. You must also make sure that the harness fits snugly to the body of the animal. It should not sag and rub the skin.

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Watch the introductory video: How to put a harness on a dog

How to make a harness with your own hands

  • slings with a width of 1.5 cm. You should be aware that the sling should be wider than the larger pet;
  • lining under the ass. As it can be used various heaters;
  • several metal rings; four rings made of steel are usually used;
  • purchased base in the form of a backpack. If desired, you can sew it yourself.

Gradually, all elements should be assembled in the form of braces. In the process of this work should follow the instructions, which are quite a lot on the Internet. By following the recommendations of people who have already had the experience of creating harnesses with their own hands, you can get a device that will provide comfort for the owner when walking a dog and comfort for a pet.


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