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Dog Harness

The harness for dogs is a walking device for small breeds, which has a special design and is made of a special material. They allow you to walk active pets painlessly and atraumatic.

The harness for small dogs enjoys deserved popularity for the full and reliable control of your little fidget. A dog that does not like a collar will walk without problems in such a bib. A wide variety of black, red, colored models of nylon allows you to vary the daily walking. Make walks more vivid and elegant. Possession of several types of different colors of these products will solve the problem of creating a fashionable look of a pet in accordance with your outfit.

Advantages of a dog belt:

  • Fixation on the front of the torso;
  • Reliable control over the behavior of the animal;
  • Strong fastening to a lead;
  • Does not affect the skeleton.

For walking in the autumn-winter period will be useful insulated models that are made in the form of a vest. Professional consultants from our company will help you make the right measurements. It is very important that the shleya sit on the animal in full compliance with its anatomical features and not bring him any inconvenience. Thanks to a special mounting system, each presented instance can be adjusted according to the change in the parameters of your pet.

Criterias of choice

The first thing you need to figure out why you need such an original device. Small dogs are not recommended to wear collars. This is due to a small neck girth and jerk movement, which can harm the animal and even cause serious injury. To avoid this, a special type of leash was developed:

  • Of belts;
  • With strong fasteners;
  • Constructively passing under the paws and closing on the chest.
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Usually for practical wearing for every day choose a device that is made of leather or thick textiles. Less commonly used varnished options are eco-leather, embroidered linen and other decorative elements that are intended exclusively for exhibitions and photo shoots. Regardless of the choice of materials, the edges of the accessory must be reliably machined, not stuck or injured.

The main criterion for the selection of such ammunition – design features that make it easier to put on and easier to remove the product. Also important is the moment of adjustment. If the pet has grown, recovered or lost weight, the leash of a special design should sit on it comfortably, not cause pain. The correct choice is a model that is matched in size and type of breed.

Dog Harness

We will find a solution

You do not know how to choose a device for a walk, then contact us:

  • By phone;
  • Online;
  • Through an office in one of the 6 cities of the country.

Our experienced consultants will give detailed instructions on how to choose and what to look for, taking into account subsequent use. With our help, errors are excluded.


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