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Dog Harness

Some pet owners have long discovered such a convenient device as a dog harness. Others prefer leashes and collars. Probably, you need to figure out that this is just a whim of the owner, or the use of a harness is reasonable.

Dog Harness

This accessory is necessary to control the behavior of the dog in order to keep it close to the owner. That is, his functions are the same as the combination of a leash plus a collar.

A harness for a dog is a combination of belts that run between the animal’s front legs and are connected to a belt that clasps its chest. Thus, the main difference between the harness and the collar is that it does not affect the neck. For sports and service dogs, stitches are sewn with fastening in the area of ​​the withers, and for sledding in the area of ​​the croup.

When can I use a harness

Owners of exhibition dogs should avoid permanent use of this accessory, as it changes the center of gravity of the animal. As a result, the biomechanics of movements in the ring will be broken.

There are situations where the use of harness for dogs is allowed, and sometimes even necessary. Veterinarians recommend using brace for animals that have neoplasms on the neck or have been operated on in this area. There are dogs that are able to deftly wriggle out of the collar. For such pets, dog trainers are advised to buy harness for full control over the animal.

Often, owners of small decorative dogs get their pets harness instead of collars. That’s right, because these kids have a thin and tender neck. Such breeds of dogs as pugs and bulldogs, on the contrary, have a short and thick neck and also feel better on the harness. If we talk about dogs of large breeds, then for them a similar accessory is applicable for sports training, for example, towing competitions (towing teams, skiers), as well as for physical exercises for the development of muscles.

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Special car liners are produced to ensure the safety of the dog in the car; they fasten the animal to the standard safety belt clip.

Such dog harness as a harness is not recommended for use in puppies of any breed. They form a skeleton and, in order not to have problems with the spine and limbs in the future, the shley must be discarded.

How to choose

Modern production offers fasteners made of various materials: nylon, leather, fabrics (for example, velor), as well as combined. The harness for the dog should be made of soft and smooth material, be light, have a lining and high-quality metal buckles and rings. It is not bad if there are reflective plates on the ammunition so that the animal can be seen in the dark.


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