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Dog Harness – How To Make, Step By Step Instructions

The harness for dogs has all sorts of modifications. There are devices used for different breeds during the walk. Others – for the transport of goods, sled dogs. The main thing for this attribute is to create comfort for the pet while moving.

Dog Harness - How To Make, Step By Step Instructions

There are many models and materials. What is it made of? How to make yourself? About this our article.

The content of the article:

They are needed for walking. Strap has an advantage over the collar. It is much more convenient, does not cause inconvenience, does not stifle the dog.

This is especially important for the active, who have not yet learned to behave calmly during promenades on a leash.

Dog Harness - How To Make, Step By Step Instructions

The loops are divided according to their application:

Pleasure exist for large and small dog breeds, are used as everyday.

Harness tug. It is necessary for guide dogs, at competitions, transportation of goods, in dog sleds. It has high-quality material, good strength, an additional number of belts and fasteners.

Medical. Used to recover from injuries (limb fractures), prepare for a competition, and develop abdominal muscles.

It is important to remember that for the health of the pet it is necessary to alternate between the collar and the strap – this research has shown. Constant wearing of one attribute can affect the health of the pet.

Proper selection is important. It must be tailored to the size of the animal.

It is necessary to take into account not only the growth, but also the structural features of the hull. Incorrectly picked stitches can harm a dog, belts will be rubbed in places of contact.

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Constant wearing of a collar provoke injuries, curvature of the vertebra. More often suffer pets, rushing on a leash.

Why do you need

Young dogs, puppies, often get microtrauma. Their training is much more difficult. If there is discomfort, it is difficult for the animal to concentrate, to carry out the commands correctly.

Canine experts recommend alternating the collar with the strap. Some breeds wear it very difficult. The pug volume of the head and neck is almost the same. He most often just falls.

You can not drive a walk miniature rocks on a belt. A harness for small dogs is a must. They have a very fragile skeleton, it can be injured.

The most suitable option is a harness. Beagle, Toy Terrier, York look great in this accessory. Short-sided animals have breathing problems.

The strap around the neck only exacerbates this defect. Bulldogs, Pekingese, Chihuahua can not block it without harming their health.

Right choice

How to choose it so that the animal was comfortable. It is necessary to take measurements.

Each pet has its own characteristics, so you have to choose individually.

Aged dog needs special treatment. It is impossible that the rope or the belt creates pet discomfort.

  • The length of the back (from the withers to the base of the tail).
  • Circumference around the chest along the breast protrusion (small rocks + 1 cm, large + 2 cm).
  • Neck in the narrowest place.
  • Riding harness for dogs of special design.
  • The distance between the chest bone, protruding part of the neck (withers).
  • The volume of the sternum cell is determined.
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All belts must be attached to the animal, squeezing is unacceptable. Between them you can freely stick your hand.

It is necessary to adjust all the devices so that the dog is comfortable, otherwise the next time she will not let her put it on herself.

Harnesses for animals of famous companies: hunter, police, rukka, trixi. Products of these brands are of good quality, but have a high price.

It depends on the material and size of the animal, ranging from 300 to 3500 p. Cheaper to be made by hand

How to wear a dog

It is not always the pet quietly waiting for the device to be put on it. Most of the animals running or spinning near the owner.

  • First of all, the dog must be placed between his legs, with his torso between the knees in the middle.
  • Spread the stitching so that the lining is inside.
  • First put on the sewn (closed) part of the device.
  • Jumper and round are connected with a belt.
  • Paw the dog to push into the resulting space.
  • It moves through the chest, the strap will be on the right side.
  • Now we push the left paw and fasten it.
  • When they are buttoned and dressed, straps must be straightened for convenience. The second attempt will be much easier.


It is suitable only for the street. In the apartment to wear it does not make sense. It must be remembered that getting used without a collar in more comfortable conditions, getting the dog to dress him again is very difficult. Should alternate them.

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Do it yourself

Shops have a large selection, many want to make them themselves. Where to get textiles, drawing, patterns, scheme? About this our recommendations.


Any soft fabric will do. Well suited nylon, pieces of leather, velvet. Small dogs are made decorative, decorated with rhinestones and embroideries.

The harness for large dogs is made of durable, a tarpaulin, leather material is used. Clips, clasps, fasteners must be strong.

In winter, sew vests that support the dog, warming. Inside put cotton, insulation, the top can of synthetic waterproof fabric.

How to sew

The main thing is to correctly measure the pet. After making the pattern, do not forget to sew on the seams. In simple tissues not less than 3 cm. For skin – 5-6 cm.

The lining is tailored according to the same principle. Stitch double stitched, lay the tape on top. It will be beautiful, high quality.


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