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Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses

The harness is now available for completely different dogs: from Chihuahua to German Great Dane. Equally widespread is the use of this type of dog ammunition. Dog harnesses are made of different materials: from nylon and braid, from orthalone and tarpaulin, from leather and substitute, from velor and simple rag fabric.

How to choose the right dog harness? How should she sit on a pet and which model to choose? The main condition is that the harness should fit snugly to the dog’s body, not “shake off”, but not press down.

For large and medium breeds of dogs, harness is usually used for training or sports activities. This could be towing a skier, dog sledding competitions, muscle development, weight pulling and the like.

Such strings are made of durable material – leather or durable braid, from thick belts, with strong buckles and carbines. The harness should not be too heavy, the main thing is for the dog to be comfortable in it.

It is not recommended to constantly use the harness, because when moving on a harness a dog has a slightly different center of gravity than when moving on a collar. Having received training with the help of a harness, the dog will not feel so comfortable in the ring on the collar.

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Dog Harnesses

Nylon harnesses are much lighter than leather or a substitute. In addition, they are more durable and are not inferior in strength to leather goods. The choice of harnesses is amazing now – models, colors, materials. But to find a harness that is really comfortable for your pet is not so easy.

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First, decide in which area you will use the harness. For sledding or towing a skier, a lightweight nylon strap without rings and buckles, with a cable for fasteners, is suitable.

For classes with service dogs, choose a leather harness with wide straps and strong buckles. Be sure to check that the rings are soldered, the belts are properly sewn, and the rivets are firmly held.

In addition to the leather harness, you can purchase a combination of nylon + leather, it is much lighter and a bit cheaper. The quality of the buckles and rings when buying is also worth checking out.

Now and owners of decorative dogs often get a harness. Dogs with thick necks, for example, breeds such as pugs, French or English bulldog, rather convenient to walk on a harness.

Fragile miniature dogs – Chihuahuas, toy-terriers, Yorkshire terriers, who have a tender throat and a thin neck, it is better to wear a light velor harness than a collar.

The range of shleek for decorative breeds is very wide – from cheap nylon shleek to expensive products from genuine leather, decorated with rhinestones or crystals. Usually harness for miniature dogs come with the same leash, so you get a set immediately.


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