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Dogs For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Dogs For Dogs With Their Own Hands

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Dog teams are used as a means of transport in northern Russia, as well as throughout the Pacific coast. With their help, transport cargo or travel long and short distances.

The most popular sport is sled dog racing. In addition, taking with him his four-friend, you can just ride with the wind in the cold winter season. It is not surprising that many are interested in how to make a harness with your own hands. Below you will find some tips and detailed instructions for creating such a device for sled dogs.

We start with a sleigh

The sleds used for sledding are called sleds and are distinguished by a light wooden structure. Their length can vary within 2-4 m depending on the purpose of application. For an ordinary country walk with one dog, there are enough small sleds that she can drag. The width of the runners is about 10-14 cm, they are located at a distance of 55-75 cm from each other.

Approximately 3 half a meter high bars are inserted into the runners; recesses are made in the middle of them for crossbars, fastening half sleds. An arc is attached to the front edges of the runners, its horns are pulled up to the first pair of bars. We also need longitudinal boards, which are placed on cross-links and are supported in an arc. To fasten all the parts used straps.

We make poty

In addition to sleds, you will need other equipment for Husky and other riding breeds. First of all it is the central belt for towing. The northern peoples call him "poppy". It is noteworthy that in some territories the dog team itself is also called.

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You can make this item from a long leather sling or a sturdy, thick rope. When considering how to stitch a harness, it should be noted that the length of the belt is determined by the number of animals that you want to harness. Often it is 1-14 quadruped helpers. Remember that you should not force one animal to carry more than 50 kg of cargo.

Podtsya is the basis of the whole structure. It is attached to the arc in front of the sleigh. Special side straps are attached to it, to which the harness with the dogs is then fastened in pairs on both sides. Do not forget that the leader must necessarily be in the lead pair, which goes first. This method of arranging harness is called tugovym or pair. It is necessary to harness well-trained animals that strictly obey the owner.

There is also a fan method that is often used by beginners and is not as perfect as the first. With this method, four-legged helpers are tied to narts separately, and they move like a fan. Leaders in this case are placed on the sides.

A few secrets of sewing Harness

Riding animals are familiar with a collar, but they pull gravity with a harness. It is a wide strap that snaps a dog’s chest across the withers, directly behind the front paws. Another strap is attached to it perpendicularly, which intercepts the animal’s chest under the neck.

This is a kind of loop, worn over the head, fastened around the torso and supported by additional dorsal straps. Its end is on the side of the animal and is fixed to the fitter.

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A large number of various devices of this kind are presented on the modern niche market, but not all of them are suitable for riding structures. You can make a harness with your own hands from non-rigid leather belts, the width of which should not be less than 4 cm. Thinner bandages will simply crash into the skin of an animal, injuring it.

In the manufacture of this equipment should certainly take into account the size of each individual dog. To take measurements, use the usual measuring tape, which is in the arsenal of each tailor. It is mandatory to measure the distance from the withers to the tail, chest girth behind the front legs and neck girth.

Carabiners are used to fasten all the elements together, which make it easier to put on and remove the harness, which is especially important in conditions of freezing temperatures and the use of bulky gauntlets. Most preferred are modern carbines made of high-grade steel.

Getting Started on Slaves

Now consider how to wear a harness. This process may initially present some difficulties for a beginner, but over time it will take less and less time. First you need to push the front paws of the pet into the gap between the chest and chest strap and fasten the harness on the withers. In a similar way and fixed strap-brace.

We hope that the above recommendations will help you to fully enjoy winter walks with your four-legged pets.


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