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Dress The Harness On The Dog Correctly

The dogs are constantly on the move during their walks, they are active, but for the sake of the safety of the dog itself and those surrounding the animal, it is necessary to “keep in check”, but at the same time not to create discomfort to it. For this were invented dog harnesses.

Before learning how to properly wear a harness, it is important to follow a number of general recommendations for choosing:

  • Pay attention to the material from which the product is made. This can affect both pet comfort and long-term purchase. Nylon or skin will last for a long time, will not cause irritation and rash on the dog’s skin, will not collapse from a large amount of water or bites of the dog itself.
  • Do not discount the design. As a rule, they are made of two materials – plastic and metal. Plastic is considered cheaper, unregulated and less reliable. Metal buckles are more expensive, but they serve much further and are regulated, depending on how strongly the dog pulls the owner.
  • The size of the animal play an important role in the selection. It is necessary to pick one that will both control and not crush. The optimal distance between the body and the harness is the man’s protruded palm.


The harnesses are divided into those that are worn during injuries, and which are worn for a walk and an exhibition. There is also a division into the format of the shlek, the way of their attachment to the body of the animal:

  1. Normal, fastens on two loops;
  2. Fixed with one panel on the back of the body;
  3. For sled dogs.
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Dress The Harness On The Dog Correctly

Dressing instructions

  1. In such a situation, it is optimal to sit with the dog, the whole view is visible, and it is easier to distract the dog with a treat. To all this, it is worth adding that you can attach the harness to the collar, so it’s best to sit with the back of it;
  2. Do this only if the pet is fed and balanced, otherwise wait for aggressive reactions;
  3. The secret is that in front of the animal the process quickly becomes boring, so put the harness on the back, and the dog must always sit or stand, you cannot do it lying down;
  4. Throw both loops on your pet’s head; we recommend undoing the buckle so as not to create discomfort;
  5. The belt, for which the entire structure is attached, must be placed on the chest;
  6. Correct, adjust, snap on both sides. Check if the harness slips over your head.

Instruction for fasteners with front fastener

  1. Standard recommendations: feed the dog, put it in his ass and the like are saved, as in the past situation. Moreover, if possible, nothing should distract the pet, otherwise it will not be easy to secure the harness.
  2. Slip the shoulder belt over your head, but first you need to unbutton the belt on your belly. The chest belt will be on the chest, but the shoulder girdle should be so that its ring fits between the shoulder blades of the animal.
  3. The belts should be perpendicular to each other, to check the comfort, slip your finger under the belts, it should pass freely. The belt on the belly should be secured with confidence, not slide off to the paws, to form a clear vertical.
  4. The belt on the chest is set horizontally, preferably on the chest bone, the ring should be in the center, and the strap itself should “sit”. You can fasten the leash to the ring and walk with the dog.
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Harness slinging guide

  1. Hold the dog close to you, calm it down, massage your ears and withers so that it feels the support of the owner. For full control, it is recommended to put it in front of you with the back so as not to loom in the face of a dog.
  2. In advance unfasten the collar of the sled, pulling the adapters on the sled, you can find a hole for the head of the dog – push it in there.
  3. Fix the team on the dog’s chest bone, check that everything is elastic. If the harness hangs down, looks too loose, tighten the straps slightly.
  4. Paws thrust alternately in order not to injure a pet.
  5. When the harness is installed, the remaining parts can be attached to it. In the area of ​​the back there is a strip of attachment, it should go to the tail and be responsible for the load with the weight for the dog.

Dress The Harness On The Dog Correctly

What else to look for when buying?

  • The volumes of the dog. It is necessary to look for the chest girth, neck girth and back length to match the size of the harness, otherwise it will make it difficult for the pet to move;
  • The mount must be stable and reliable, do not crawl onto the trachea, in order not to strangle the dog;
  • The material must be environmentally safe, so as not to cause irritation of the skin, not pinching wool.


Based on all of the above, you can create a general algorithm for how to properly put a standard harness on a dog:

  • Clamp your pet with your feet. If he behaves aggressively, put the back of the body to his side, and let the dog look his face anywhere, but not you, so that he does not react to any movements of the hands, any strange looks from the owner.
  • We put a miniature oval-shaped collar around the dog’s neck; it is he who is the first part of the mount;
  • Move the belt so that the ring is in the center and the mechanism is fixed;
  • We push the paws into the holes, fasten the harness to the chest bone and catch the leash.
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The main thing is to be careful while not to damage the dog’s skin and cervical vertebrae.

As for the dog, the process of donning will be incomprehensible at first, it should be encouraged with all sorts of delicacies after completing the process. Thanks to the elastic harness, the pet will not pull the owner after another dog, will not frighten passersby and will not get involved in unnecessary problem situations. Multicolored harnesses will also add elegance.

It should be added that even in choosing a harness, a pet does not have to be ugly and look poor – it’s not just a tool, an accessory, a household item, so if the size and quality came up, you can think about design delights.


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