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Harness For Dogs From What Age

I have some questions for you.
1. 8 month old Doberman at what age can I wear a harness? And she is very afraid of the crowd. As she sees the crowd immediately sits on the floor. Will it pass her? What to do to adapt to everything.
2. Tell me, please, can I run a car for 8-month-old Doberman 15-20 km a day? Is it not harmful? We have been doing runs with him for almost a month now. In our city they say that it is very harmful because of the heart. But I wanted to consult with you.
3. My dog ​​Doberman is 3 years old. She is already puffed. But she is very kind. As I see a stranger dog, let’s say I say that the stranger’s dog is the place to get angry, she starts to whine, they say, let me go and play. I wish she was a little aggressive. Because she is afraid of dogs.

Harness For Dogs From What Age

1. It is not very clear for what purposes did the 8 month old Doberman need to wear a harness? The fact is that on a harness instead of a collar it is recommended to drive small puppies. There are a lot of various explanations for these recommendations, but in fact, the harness does not play such a role in the formation of a puppy, as is commonly believed. The harness is used for long-haired, “puffy” dogs with an estimated show career, which should not wear wool on the neck from the collar. A harness is also used for driving very small dogs. The harness is used for special purposes – for training the dog and building muscle (harness with weighting, towing with weights), for training and competitions in various types of towing (actually, towing a skier, sledges, skijourning, sledding races, etc.). Some types of shlek have special purpose (eg at guide dogs). Start towing your puppy too early, carry weights like fighting dogs, too. Therefore, explain why the dog harness. To teach them to just wear a harness is not a problem, it’s five minutes.
About the crowd. Everything should start with disciplining training, which is first carried out in a quiet place, gradually teaching the dog to obey commands in more crowded places. Then you should gradually begin to train the dog in conditions where there are a lot of irritants, including and with a large crowd of people. In practice, sometimes there is no time to engage in gradual schooling, so the dog is taken on a leash and on such a collar so that the dog does not slip out of it, and it is even better to use a jerk chain for safety reasons – it delays and prevents the dog from escaping from it. And go with a dog to crowded places, to markets and train stations, ride public transport, use underground passages and bridges. If the dog pretends to be afraid, rests. Her dragged portage. At the same time, the dog gets bored pretty quickly to pretend that she is afraid, she gets very tired and the fear, as a rule, ends there. But such recommendations should not be taken as a guide to action. If the dog is really cowardly, you should show it to a professional dog trainer and trainer and consult about its behavior and the possibility of increasing mental stress.
2. Run after the car is bad in any case. If only because the dog may accidentally get under the wheels. It is better to do jogging for a bike or cross-country tracks somewhere in the park or outside the city – and it is good for the owner and safe for the dog. At the same time, it will be clearer if the load is sufficient or too large;) Actually, it’s a bit too much for an 8 month old dog, although after a year for a Doberman, why not, especially if you increase the mileage gradually. If the dog is light in the bone, it is easier for him to carry loads of such a plan, and if the Doberman is powerful and heavy (modern Dobermans are very massive), then the load should be increased cautiously, and it is also advisable to consult a dog specialist who saw the dog with his own eyes.
3. The third question is formulated incorrectly – how to understand that a dog is afraid of other dogs, because if a dog wants to play, it means that it is not afraid? In any case, I would not specifically develop aggression and squabbiness in the bit of a Doberman. If a dog is afraid of other dogs, then aggressive behavior will not make the dog bolder (the concept of "brave dog" is not identical to the concept of "evil dog"). It will only be viciously cowardly (IMHO, you can’t think of a disgusting combination), because fear and anger, paradoxical as it may sound, are very often links of one chain. It is better if the dog is gullible and playful – it is safer and not so troublesome. It is very often the other way around – the Doberman bitches are pugnacious and grumpy, and therefore none of the owners let their dogs go with them.

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