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Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

The harness for the dog was originally part of the ammunition riding breeds. It was designed in such a way as to ensure a minimum uniform load during operation.

Over time, dog handlers, and then simple dog lovers, appreciated the convenience and functionality of the harness. As a result, it is now very popular among owners of dogs of small and medium breeds, and sometimes large ones.

The harness for the dog allows the pet to feel free, and when pulling the leash does not cause pain or discomfort. For the owners of some small breeds this is the only way to keep the dog in the lead, ensuring its safety during walks.

Veterinarians recommend using a harness for at least six months, and preferably after 8-9, as it can adversely affect the forming skeleton of the dog. Incorrectly selected ammunition contributes to the deformation and curvature of the front paws.

Types of shlek for dogs

Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

Make shley of different materials: nylon tape, leather, thick fabric. The main differences in fasteners, design and purpose.

  • For puppies – a strap of soft nylon tape or fabric, with a pair of fasteners for quick donning.
  • For small and medium breeds – thin, soft or medium hardness ammunition. For kids (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Spitz, Dachshund) can serve as decorative clothing. Make such of color materials and decorate with rhinestones.
  • The harness for large breeds is tight and durable. It is sewn from thick nylon tape or leather. Ammunition has a special design and fixtures that provide the owner control over the animal.
  • Medical harness – a device that can be recommended by a veterinarian in case of an animal injury, in order to avoid complications and relapses.
  • Cargo – ammunition with stitched weighting or special pockets for goods. This harness is used for training and maintaining the required physical shape of the dog.
  • Ammunition for sled dogs is a special stitching used for training or competition. Harnesses of special design and high strength for operation in difficult climatic and weather conditions.
  • Exhibition accessories are bright decorative harnesses, the main purpose of which is to emphasize the dignity of the dog and distinguish it from the rest.
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How to choose a harness for the dog

Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

Choose a harness based on its purpose. If necessary, purchase several different ones, for example, for daily walking, cargo for training and exhibition. If you have the opportunity to measure before buying – great. If you choose it without a dog, be sure to take the basic measurements: neck girth, chest girth and back length from neck to tail.

To make the purchased dog harness as practical and comfortable as possible, use the following tips:

  • The harness should be made of durable material. For everyday wear, give preference to synthetic. They are unpretentious in care, are well erased, dry quickly and have sufficient wear resistance.
  • Shleya, especially for puppies should have more than one clasp to put it on as comfortable as possible.
  • Shleya should fit snugly to the body of the dog, while not squeezing it, without impeding breathing and movement. The best way to check the density is to stick your hand under the harness. If the fingers pass normally, the volume is selected correctly. If tight or too easy – adjust the volume.
  • The harness straps, especially the upper (zipper on the back) should be wide so as not to bump into the body of the animal when pulling or pulling.

Wearing a harness is only necessary for a walk. Leaving it on the dog all the time is not necessary. As you should not completely exclude the use of a collar – alternate wearing with a shley to avoid getting used.

Slake for dogs with their own hands: step by step instructions

You can refuse to buy finished ammunition and try to make a harness for the dog with your own hands. Its design is simple and does not require sewing and cutting skills. It is enough to make the necessary measurements:

  • neck volume – we measure in the place where the collar is usually located;
  • chest volume – measured under the front legs in the widest part of the body;
  • distance from the neck to the base of the tail.
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Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

For each measure, add 1.5-2 cm for comfortable wearing of the finished product.

The simplest stitching for a small and medium dog is 2 belts (by the volume of the neck and by the volume of the chest) interconnected along the chest and along the back with additional straps. To a larger (over the chest) strap, a ring for a leash carabiner is attached. This is a more decorative option that can be decorated according to your desire.

Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

The second uncomplicated option is a loop stitch. It consists of one long belt (across the chest behind the paws), one shorter (in front of the paws) and jumpers between them. This option implies a pair of fasteners and will fit a small, obedient, already familiar with shleya dog.

Hook For A Dog How To Choose Or Do It Yourself

And here is another simple version of a single long strap. Here the main thing is to sew correctly so that the dog is comfortable and does not rub anywhere:

For large breeds of dogs, it is advisable to make a stitch out of bag-backpack wide ribbons – durable and wear-resistant material that can withstand heavy loads. Fittings use only metal – rings, half rings, rivets and fasteners should also be distinguished by increased strength.

And you can entrust the tailoring of truck harnesses and ammunition for sled dogs to professionals. In the first case, you need to know exactly how the load should be distributed for a particular training session, and the quality of the harness ammunition depends on the health and safety of the dog. In these two cases, saving is not worth it.


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