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How To Choose A Harness For A Dog Or Puppy

Relatively recently, the owners used mainly collars for their walks with their pets, but today harnesses are becoming more and more popular. This product consists of belts that are mounted on the body of the dog, and not on its neck. Experts say that such ammunition is a more correct choice.

Advantage Harness

The main advantage of the strap is that during a sharp jerk, the neck of the animal is not compressed and is not injured. The dog does not wheeze, does not cough. In addition, this option is indispensable in a situation if the pet was injured in the spine.

Another plus is that dogs with a harness feel much looser and more relaxed while walking. True, they often behave worse than those individuals wearing collars.

Types of shlek

Thinking how to choose a harness for a dog, you need to know that there are several types of similar ammunition:

  • Casual, used for daily walks. Made from durable durable materials, most often leather or nylon. The design of such a product may be different, but usually it is a classic version. You can buy a good model on
  • For puppies. Canine experts do not advise to put on harnesses for babies, it is advisable to teach them to wear the product after reaching half a year. The reason is that the puppy body is not yet formed. The model must fit the figure.
  • For miniature dogs. Most often harness used for this category. If you intend to lift the pet by the belts, it is better to choose a model with handles on the back.
  • For large individuals. Until recently, it was believed that such animals should walk only with a collar. Today, products are developed that do not allow a pet to pull the leash, so the walk becomes comfortable.
  • Exhibition. In fact, they are decorative, made of thin round belts, have expensive fittings and decorations.
  • For sled dogs. They are characterized by a special design, usually nylon or canvas are used for the manufacture of products.
  • Freight. Used for training pets.
  • Harness-vest. Most often such models are miniature dogs or smooth-haired breeds. Need for warming the animal for a walk.
  • Medical. Used for walking injured dogs.
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How to choose the harness

When selecting a product you need to follow a few rules:

  • The material from which it is made should be soft, but at the same time durable.
  • It is better to choose a model that has several fasteners. While dressing the pet should not feel discomfort.
  • The harness should fit snugly, but not squeeze the pet’s body. To check whether the size is chosen correctly, one should push the palm between the dog’s body and the ammunition, it must be passed freely.

Before buying, you need to remove measurements from your pet. Need to know:

  • distance from the base of the withers to the tail;
  • neck volume;
  • chest volume, measured behind the front paws. To the value obtained, you need to add two centimeters for free fitting.

When choosing a model, you must take into account the temperament and breed of the pet.

How to wear a harness

The method of donning depends on the specific model. To wear a classic product, you need to stand behind a standing or sitting dog. The harness is put on the head of the animal, while the buckle must be undone. The vertical belt is located on the chest.

How To Choose A Harness For A Dog Or Puppy

Then one paw is pushed into the corresponding hole. Buckle strap should be skipped under the second paw, and then fasten both straps. You need to make sure that the harness does not unfasten, the ring is on the back of the animal. After that, you can wear a leash and go for a walk.

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How To Choose A Harness For A Dog Or Puppy

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