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How To Choose A Harness For Dogs For A Specific Breed

In this article you will gather useful information about such a popular accessory as a dog harness. You will learn how it differs and why it exceeds the standard collar, what material it is made of, what manufacturers are trusted by professionals and much more. Also in the article there is valuable advice on how not to buy, and make a harness with your own hands at home.


The harness is an accessory for dogs, consisting of interwoven straps and strips of cloth.. He gradually replaces the collar due to its greater convenience for the pet and a reduced risk of injury to the neck and spinal cord. When choosing this material, you need to take into account the physical strength and temperament of your animal, the design of the product itself and its material. The main thing is that the harness was comfortable for the dog: it did not hold it in motion, did not press down muscles and vessels, but at the same time it did not hang so that the dog would not get injured.

The principle of putting a harness on a dog is a little more complicated than a collar, but it is easy to learn, and the animal gets used to a more convenient option for 1-3 times. Here is one of the options for how to properly put the harness on the dog:

  • Fix the dog: reduce the motor potential of a large and pick up a small one.
  • Push the front paws into the corresponding holes in the harness itself. Big dogs do it by turns, and small ones are simply put.
  • Fasten the straps so that they fit well and correctly to the dog’s body, do not squeeze tightly and dangle too much on the animal.
  • Clip on the harness leash and go for a walk.
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What are the types

Pleasure harness – the most common version of the accessory, often made of thin material, such as nylon or leather. Riding harness for dogs – this is one of the very first types of harness. This is a more complex system of belts and pieces of cloth, involving the collection of dogs in a single chain for sports or racing in teams. The material for such shleek often serve as canvas and nylon. The vast majority of such accessories are designed for large sled dogs like Laek and Malamute.

A harness with a load is used for training the physical qualities of dogs, when it is necessary to better develop them for competitions, and to fix the position of injured dogs and animals after operations. The weighted harness prevents the dogs from jumping high and forces them to be closer to the ground. It is suitable for large and medium breeds, while for small ones it can cause injuries.

How To Choose A Harness For Dogs For A Specific Breed

The harness-vest is a more advanced version of the harness that looks like an element of outerwear. Designed for small and medium-sized short and hairless breeds, which helps insulate dogs during the cold season. Sometimes used as a fixative for medical purposes. Guard shleya has increased strength. It consists of 2 or more layers of material, supported by stitched straps and metal rings. Used for dogs on protected objects so that they do not break.

A harness for puppies – an easier version of the harness, designed for walking puppies. For different breeds, the beginning of the use of harness is different, but not earlier than at the age of six months, since the puppy muscles and bones are not yet as strong as in an adult dog.

How to choose the harness for the dog

To choose a good quality harness, you need to focus on the material that will be comfortable for the dog, durable and easy to wash. Dog breeders recommend choosing a harness not with one, but with a pair of three fasteners: they are usually stronger, wider, do not cause discomfort in a dog during putting on and do not require "squeezing" animals into them.

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Check that all fasteners are tightly fitted to the belts and do not cause inconvenience when wearing or wearing, and leather belts have the ability to adjust the size of the strap. These manufacturers have proven themselves in the eyes of dog breeders:

  • Ruffwear;
  • Perfect Fit;
  • Niggeloh Follow;
  • Zero DC Short Harness;
  • Alpine Outfitters.

How To Choose A Harness For Dogs For A Specific Breed

How to choose a breed

Mass production of shlek makes them available for all breeds of dogs from small to large. So you just need to decide on the type of desired harness and know the size of your pet. The harness for large breed dogs is usually durable, as animals have great strength. Take this option if the dog is used for security needs.

Note! If your pet participates in sports competitions or pulls a team, you will enjoy a light harness that will not hang out and will not distract the dog with unnecessary discomfort while running. The price will vary between $ 25 and $ 60 depending on the type of accessory and material.

The harness for medium dogs is typical and well spread. Their price depends on the material. For example, a leather harness will be more expensive than nylon. You can buy such a harness for $ 18-45. Harnesses for dogs of small breeds cost from $ 12 to $ 25 apiece. Elegant little vests are perfect for small dogs, which will not allow them to freeze during the cold weather and will emphasize their elegance and elegance.

How to do it yourself

By step-by-step instructions, you can make a harness for the dog with your own hands. This process is average in terms of complexity, but you can not spend money on factory-made products and adjust the accessory clearly to the size of a particular animal.

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For a start, it is worth making the following measurements:

  • The length of the back from the base of the withers to the base of the tail.
  • Girth of the neck, where the collar will be located.
  • Chest girth at the widest point behind the front legs. In order for the harness to be free, add 2 cm to this value.

For sports and riding shleek additional dimensions are needed so that the accessory is evenly distributed over the whole body of the dog in order to balance its center of gravity. Then you need to think about the material. For large breeds, it must be durable, consist of 2 or more layers.

How To Choose A Harness For Dogs For A Specific Breed

Suitable skin and tape, if necessary, you can add metal. For medium and small breeds, beauty and grace are more important than strength, so choose thin skin, nylon and velor. On the Internet, you can find layouts and select the width of the belts and connecting nodes using them. The work can be done manually or given to a professional tailor.

So now you know about the value of the harness for you and your four-legged friend. Choose wisely and use on health, avoiding all the injuries that a dog can get from the collar. Tell us if you used a harness earlier and did you feel the difference between it and the collar? Share your stories in the comments. Enjoy your walks with your beloved pet!


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