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How To Choose A Harness For Husky Dogs

The correct harness for a dog is a lot like a harness worn on horses in a harness. Such a design allows the use of all the force of the animal, which makes it an indispensable element of dog sledding. For their manufacture using natural leather or stitched strips of fabric. It is very important that the owner knows how to choose a harness for dogs, the accessory must fit perfectly in size, match the breed and physical capabilities of your pet. In this article we will tell you how to choose the harness for the dog, what species exist and how to use them.

What to consider when choosing

The harness can be used for various purposes: for ordinary walks, sports activities or official work. In winter, they can find traditional use – hitch a dog in a harness, and transport with it cargo. Such events can be turned into an interesting game – a pet, who rolls a child on a sledge, will receive the necessary physical load and will give the family a lot of positive emotions. To know how to choose the harness for the dog, be guided by the following indicators:

  • Material. Manufacturers use durable, soft and wear resistant materials. At the same time, not all companies are responsible for their work. Note that during walks, a lot of dirt will appear, so the harness should be easy to wear off. It is best to make a choice, having a minimum set of knowledge about all the available varieties. For dogs of miniature breeds light woven products are suitable, whereas for a wolfhound a heavy leather harness will be the best solution;
  • Clasps. Before you choose a harness for the dog, make sure that it is easy enough to put on and take off. Several fasteners will increase its resistance to tearing and make it more comfortable for the pet – you can easily adjust its size so that the dog does not feel discomfort;
  • Fit to body. Ideally, the belts are attached to the body tightly so that they do not budge when moving. However, the accessory should not hamper the pet’s movements, excessive tension will make walking, running, difficult, and may provoke inflammation and hair loss in the area of ​​contact;
  • Matching sizes. Knowing how the harness should sit on the dog, you can make the right choice. First of all, you need to take into account that its upper part must fully correspond to the width of the back (measurement is made with a centimeter along the body, taking into account the thick wool).
How To Choose A Harness For Husky Dogs

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The main requirement for the product is convenience for daily use, but the owner should take into account that it should not be used daily. The harness is considered as a means for training and special physical training of the pet, but too frequent use can damage the coat. After walking or performing the required task, it is better to take it off; it is unacceptable to leave the dog in the harness of the house without supervision, this can lead to undesirable consequences.

How to measure a dog for Harness

  • Back length Measured from the base of the withers to the base of the tail;
  • Girth of the neck. It is measured in the place where the collar usually sits – in the lower part of the neck. The front point is on the keel (the bone protruding forward under the dog’s neck), the back is on the edge of the shoulder blades, located closest to the head;
  • Chest circumference. The harness is worn over the entire front part of the body, so before choosing a harness for the dog, set the dimensions of the area behind the front legs in the widest place. To the obtained value you need to add 0.5-2 cm (depending on the size of the dog.
How To Choose A Harness For Husky Dogs

For representatives of medium and large breeds, ammunition made of braided braid or leather will be a good choice. The product must be equipped with steel carbines and solid-cast rings. This requirement is also true for dogs of small service or hunting breeds such as miniature schnauzers, dachshunds, and others. For representatives of decorative breeds, appearance and comfort are more important, therefore, nylon or velor models will be the best choice here.


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