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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

In order to properly walk their four-legged friend, you need a leash and collar or harness for dogs. Only in this case, the breeder will act according to the rules, because walking with a dog without a leash is prohibited.

The leash can be attached either to the collar or to the harness. The latter option is considered for certain cases the most appropriate. For example, there are rocks with which the collar is contraindicated, as it creates a strong pressure on the neck and spine. This applies to dachshunds and many other small breeds. Harnesses for large dogs are also provided.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

This device is very convenient and has a lot of advantages that the collar cannot boast. The only minus that can be noted in the harness is the process of putting it on, which can cause difficulties the first time.

The advantages of the harness are undeniable, such a design makes it possible to accustom the dog to quiet walks without the risk of hurting his back. If a puppy has a very wild character, and it is walking with a collar, sudden movements of the owner when the animal laps forward can lead to injuries. Thanks to the harness man does not need to perform many actions to control the dog. The absence of discomfort for the animal makes the attitude more trustworthy, which contributes to learning. Thus, even a simple harness can positively affect the dog’s training.

How to choose a harness?

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

If you don’t take a dog with you, you need to measure the animal from the withers to the start of the tail. In addition, you will need the size of the chest and neck girth. To the last two indicators you need to immediately add a few centimeters. For large dogs it is better to add two centimeters, and for small dogs it will be enough ten millimeters.

These rules are suitable for the choice of a regular walking harness. If we are talking about the riding variant, then such important factors as the distance from the chest bone to the withers, the size of the sternum and the back of the animal are important. It is very important that the harness does not crush the dog. After it is worn and fully buttoned, a human palm should be placed between the straps and the dog’s body.

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Cling material

This criterion is especially important in the case of harness for dogs of large breeds. In this case, you need a special strength. It is best to choose a harness from synthetic fabrics. They are distinguished by their resistance to dirt and difficult weather conditions, as they do not get wet and are easily erased. Moreover, plastic harnesses are very strong and durable.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

If the price is the main factor when choosing, it is worth choosing a tarpaulin. It is very durable, but it becomes very dirty and dries long after washing. Similar qualities are found in leather harnesses. Such options have another significant disadvantage, namely the high cost. Leather products look expensive and beautiful, but to a certain point. The fact is that after getting wet, the skin can dry out and crack, so the harness will become very unpleasant in appearance.

Variety Dog Slaves

These devices are slightly different, depending on what purpose they will be used. The easiest are walking harness. They are different in strength and size, depending on what dogs are intended: large, medium or small. They are united by one thing, namely the absence of unnecessary parts and fastenings located on the withers of the animal.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Dog harnesses are used to help the animal strengthen its muscles. Their use may be useful for those animals that are undergoing rehabilitation after injury. During use of the structure with the load, its weight can be adjusted.

Special dogs are made for service dogs. For example, the guard versions are very durable and consist of several layers of leather and tarpaulin. The modification may vary somewhat, but the main thing that distinguishes the guard sling is that the dog is not able to jump out of the straps. Such options are required to withstand the strongest loads, so here they use the highest quality seams and rings for fastening. The harness should be ideally matched for each dog, so as not to hamper its movement and not give the opportunity to turn out of the belts.

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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

For investigative work, lighter harnesses are used than for army dogs. There is no strict need to keep the animal on a leash, as the dog follows the trail, and the rest does not interest him anymore.

Another option for harness for service dogs is the design for guides. In this case, in addition to the basic mounts and belts, there is a handle, which holds the man.

Guide dogs do not need a very strong harness, as they are very calm and do not show aggression.

How to wear a harness?

Experienced breeders claim that it is impossible to constantly walk a dog in a harness. Periodically, it should be replaced by a regular collar. In fact, there is no evidence for this statement, but the negative impact of a single belt attached to the neck of an animal is obvious. Veterinarians know many cases when a dog has problems with its neck and spine.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

The harnesses are much more comfortable and safe, but wearing them can be difficult. In the future, to have no problems with how to put a harness on the dog, you need to teach a puppy from an early age.

First you need to fix the body of the animal between the legs. After that, you can insert the dog’s paws into the holes intended for it. To begin with, one side is worn, after which the jumper is straightened on the chest, and then the straps on the second leg are fastened.

It is very important to check that all belts are laid correctly, without distortions.. It is necessary to fasten the harness so that it does not choke the animal, but does not dangle either. After a thorough check of all mechanisms, you can fasten the leash and go for a walk.

How to make a walking harness with your own hands?

Considering the fact that the cost of such structures is quite high, quite a few breeders make their own harnesses. It is quite real and not very difficult. However, with regard to riding a dog harness for dogs with their own hands, the pattern is quite difficult to do, because you need to take into account many factors. Therefore, in this case it will be better to turn to specialists, otherwise you can just harm the animal.

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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

First you need to decide on the basic material. It can be either nylon or leather. Often used and canvas tapes. In addition, you will have to spend money on the braid and fastening rings.

The dog must be measured along the chest and from the withers to the tail. Further, for tailoring Harness for dogs with their own hands, a pattern is made. Based on these figures, a pattern is built, but always with seam allowances, which should be about two centimeters when working with synthetic fabrics and five millimeters for the skin. After everything is cut and stitched, the product is processed with a braid to give it a pleasant appearance. In the back area is necessary to secure the ring.

On your own, you can make a harness for small dogs and medium breeds. If we are talking about large dogs, then it is better to opt for the purchase version, since the harness made by professionals will be much stronger, and in this case, this is the most important criterion.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Some domestic masters even make harnesses for medium-sized dogs with weighting. However, with this accessory, you must be very careful that its use does not harm the animal. Weighting is acceptable to apply exclusively for large and some types of medium dogs. They are mainly useful for pit bull terriers, Staffordshire terriers, sheep-dogs and rottweilers. In general, the additional load should be used only in relation to those animals for whom it is necessary and recommended.

Making loads is not difficult. To do this, it is enough to attach several compact bags filled with metal balls to the harness. These accessories allow the dog to quickly gain muscle mass and adjust body deflections. However, it is not allowed to use shleek with weights for dogs that have not yet turned a year, as their skeleton is still being formed, and an excessive load can harm this process.


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