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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Today we consider how to choose the harness for your dog.

The first thing you have to decide is DOES MY DOG SHOCK NEED.

Remember that when using harness the dog significantly increases the freedom of action, in contrast to the use collar. For example, for physical activity it is very good, but if you are trying to tell a puppy to him unknown commands, then it is better to use collar. There clearly need to look at the situation and if you doubt the advisability of using harness, feel free to ask us your question.

one. Pleasure have one ring for a leash around the withers of the dog. Not intended for leash. It is possible to use both for pedestrian, and for bicycle walks. They are mainly made of leather, eco-leather (leatherette), tarpaulin or nylon. For small dogs also come in the form vests, dresses or backpacks. Basically walking harness make decorated.

2 Harness for leash it is very sturdy and usually not seeming looking. Made in combination leather and nylon or leather and tarpaulin. The combination of these materials gives the highest strength to break. You might also get caught harness with reinforced rings and buckles. Personally, I advise you to additionally flash, duplicate the places of the rivets. This simple operation will remove the load from the rivets and thereby extend the service life of the ammunition. This category shlek maintains strong jerks on a leash.

3 Training Hooks designed for endurance training. Are issued complete with freights. The weights are removable and you can always adjust the load. Weights are mainly produced in lead and in rare cases are brass or bronze. The harness itself is mainly made of beef skin.

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four. Driving Harness necessarily have side rings and a wider part in the chest. The purpose of these shlek I think is clear from the title. Also often use riding harness to train endurance – the dog carries a heavy load, instead of a cart.

Is there some more harness transformers, which are not complicated manipulations can be quickly turned from a walker to riding.

Picking up the harness is not worth taking it for growth. It should visually sit nicely and tightly enough, but in the meantime it should not press down. Buckles should be away from the armpits, it will save from rubbing the skin.


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