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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Increasingly, on the streets of megalopolises, major cities and small towns, you can find dogs wearing no collars, but harness. This accessory is becoming increasingly popular and in demand among the owners of four-legged pets.

Let’s look at what advantages the harness, as well as find out what types and types of this type of ammunition are represented on the domestic market.


What is a harness

This product is a type of ammunition for walking and training, which is mounted not on the neck of the pet, but on its body. Manufacturers often use leather or durable belts that can withstand impressive loads as a material for manufacturing braces.

All models are made according to a specific scheme. They gird around the chest of the animal and converge in the region of the ridge between the front paws.

Experts insist that this type of ammunition is the safest and most comfortable for a dog. With a sharp jerk, it does not create an excessive load on the muscles of the neck and does not lead to the appearance of injuries.

It is important: For some dog breeds wearing a collar is contraindicated. For example, in a pug, the neck volume is larger than the head volume. Therefore, the classic collar will slide off the neck. Or it will have to be too tight. This will cause impaired blood supply, and may also cause injury to the lymphatic vessels and the development of edema in the neck. Also, the animal will be difficult to breathe at the time of walking. Therefore, for such pets harness will be the most preferred option.

Types of shlek for dogs

Walking harness

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

This is the most common version of the product. For the manufacture of manufacturers using leather or nylon. These materials are lightweight and high strength.

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Particular attention should be paid to the correct choice of size. This will allow you to use the harness for constant wear and not to remove it after each walk.


How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

It became very popular with the appearance of decorative breeds of dogs with short hair. Such models make it possible to exclude hypothermia among representatives of miniature rocks during a walk.

This type of shlek has become widespread among owners of Chihuahuas, Spitz, Pekingese and other small four-legged pets.

Ride harness

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Riding straps are made of materials of increased strength. It can be nylon or canvas. Such models are used for animals participating in competitions or forming part of a riding team in the northern regions of the country.

Manufacturers pay special attention to the choice of durable material, as well as fasteners. Racing harness is great for such breeds of dogs as Husky or Malamute.

Harness with loads

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

It has been used to train pets and prevent weakness of the musculoskeletal system.

Canine experts do not recommend using this type for decorative dogs. For representatives of medium, large or giant breeds such ammunition provides an increased load on the paws and helps to strengthen the muscles.

The model is equipped with special pockets for cargo placement. Experts recommend gradually increasing the load in order not to provoke muscle strain, joint injuries or other unpleasant consequences.

Harness for puppy

"Baby" models are usually made of soft, durable and lightweight materials that do not put pressure on the puppy’s immature musculoskeletal system and do not lead to the development of any irregularities. Ammunition does not hinder movement, but reliably fixes the baby at the time of sharp jerks.

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Which harness to choose

This question is often asked by owners of dogs who decide to abandon the use of a collar and go on this type of ammunition. Canine experts recommend to prefer the harness, which:

  • Made of quality materials. It can be nylon, canvas or leather. It should be easy to wash and dry quickly. If the pet gets dirty on the street, then such a product can be washed and quickly dried. Consequently, the next walk the dog will again be able to go into the usual ammunition;
  • Fasteners must be strong and not cause inconvenience in the process of movement. It is important to pay attention to their location. Rings, karabiner and other fasteners should not rub or cause discomfort;
  • Perfect fit in size. Too tight model will rub when moving and can lead to the formation of bald spots. And too free will not be enough to securely fix the dog.

It is important: When choosing a model for medium or large dogs, preference should be given to reliable metal fittings. But for miniature decorative pets will be enough and plastic clips and fasteners.

How to choose the size of the harness

To make the purchased product comfortable for a pet, it is necessary to choose the right size at the time of purchase.

This can be done quite simply:

In order to properly take measurements, the owner should know a few nuances:

  • Neck volume should be measured at the location of the collar;
  • The chest girth is determined in the place of the greatest width. It is necessary to add 2 cm to the result obtained. This will allow the product not to squeeze the chest cell at the time of a quick run or overexcitation, when the animal has rapid breathing;
  • The length of the back is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.
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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

It is important: Taking measurements should be without any increases and carefully press the pet’s hair. And only after all measurements have been carried out should a slight increase in the chest volume be made.

If the dimensions are removed incorrectly, then the product will deliver discomfort to the pet. Too tight model will hold down movement and rub in the areas of contact with the body. A larger product will be free to hang out on the dog.

Experienced dog handlers conduct a simple test that allows you to determine if the chosen variant is suitable for a particular dog.

You need to put a harness on the pet and try to stick your hand under the straps. If the hand passes without much effort, then the dimensions were removed correctly.

If you cannot stick your hand in or it is necessary to apply force for this, then it is better to refuse to purchase such a product. Pet will not be comfortable in it.


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