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How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Manufacturers of shleek produce products for a variety of dogs: from baby-chihuahua to blue dog. This makes the market of dog ammunition so diverse. In the manufacture of harnesses for dogs used mainly leather, leather or nylon.

Types of shlek

  1. walking;
  2. freight;
  3. for guide dogs;
  4. guard.

It is important that the harness that your pet will wear fit snugly against his body, not fidgeting and not pressing.

Walking harness usually thin, made of nylon or leather. They should ideally "sit on the figure."

Cargo Harnesses buy trained dogs. They are used during weight lifting competitions (vaypulling) and for training (development of the chest and sculpted muscles).

Braid for guide dogs has a special handle that is located above the back of the dog. For this pen holds a man.

How To Choose A Harness For The Dog

Sentry harness – the most reliable. Used to bind a dog to a checkpoint. It must withstand heavy loads and ensure that the dog does not jump out of it under any circumstances. Such stitches are usually two-or three-layer, with welded rings, all belts are stitched. The ring for attachment is mounted at the level of the blades. If the guard harness is too tight, the dog will breathe heavily. If free – she can learn to turn out.

Harnesses for medium and large breeds of dogs, as a rule, are used during training and canine fitness: muscle development, dog sledding competitions, skier towing and others. For such classes, they produce harnesses of durable material – a thick belt, leather and durable braid, complement them with strong fittings – buckles and carbines.

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The dog should be comfortable in the harness, so the harness should not be too heavy.

Use the harness only during the lessons, because when moving on the harness of the dog a different center of gravity shifts. If during dog training only a harness is used, in the ring on the collar she may not feel confident enough.

First, decide for what you will use a harness. So, for classes with service dogs will need a leather harness with wide straps and durable buckles. What should I look for when buying? Rings are soldered, belts are well stitched, and rivets are firmly seated. For towing a skier or a harness, a lightweight nylon strap is convenient to use, it is not complemented with rings and buckles, there is a cable for fasteners. Combined leather harnesses with nylon inserts are much lighter, and they cost a little less. The quality of the rings and buckles must be checked upon purchase.

Many owners of decorative breeds of dogs prefer harnesses to collars. As a rule, decorative harnesses for these dogs are set complete with the same stylized leash. Embroidery or rhinestone decoration is the norm for shleek for decorative dogs.


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