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How To Choose A Harness On A Dog, How To Wear An Accessory

The harness is a convenient accessory to ensure complete control over the animal during a walk. But if the device has never been put on the dog, its use can cause discomfort and even frighten the pet. Let’s find out what should be oriented in order to choose the right harness for the dog, how to dress the specified product.

How To Choose A Harness On A Dog, How To Wear An Accessory

What is a harness?

To figure out how to properly put the harness on the dog, it is worth considering the design of such an accessory. The device has the appearance of a thin strap that wraps around the body of the animal in the chest and shoulder blades. Buttoned harness on the neck and abdomen. The little ring, from which the leash departs, is on the withers, which does not make the pet feel discomfort as a result of excessive pressure on the neck.

Types of shlek

There are several varieties of dog hats:

  • Standard – represent the usual walking option. The ring for fixing the leash is placed between the blades of the animal. Devices with a minimum number of belts are used for walking small dogs. For fairly large pets use standard harnesses with an abundance of straps.
  • Towing – to use such ammunition resorted mainly during the competition. The harness of this type can be seen in dog sledding. The defining difference from the previous version is the presence of wider, more durable belts and fasteners.
  • Weights – apply if you need training pet, strengthen the underdeveloped muscle mass. Often, these devices are used in the recovery period of the pet from injuries and fractures of the limbs.
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    How to teach an animal to harness?

    Experts recommend starting from the first months to throw a harness on the dog. How to wear such a device, consider next. Puppies more easily get used to the new attributes that appear in their lives. Therefore, in this case, the harness will not cause them extra discomfort.

    To teach an adult animal to use the accessory, you need a good patience. To begin to wear the product should be at home. Once the dog gets used to such a leash, the owner can proceed to control the movement of the animal. After that, it is worth some time to practice on the street, choosing for this place without people, other animals and urban transport.

    How to dress a dog harness: step by step instructions

    To quickly prepare an animal for a walk, using a harness, you should use the following recommendations:

  • How to put a harness on a dog? The scheme involves straightening the leash so that its soft part is located inside. If an animal resists, it is necessary to clamp its body between its legs.
  • The upper and lower loops of the harness need to be put on the dog’s head. At the same time supporting, vertical strap should be located in the chest of the animal.
  • On the side of the loops that are already worn, there are several straps where you need to put your pet’s paws. The ends of the straps for the paws should be buckled.
  • In conclusion, it suffices to correct the harness, to make the necessary adjustments, pulling the fasteners and fasteners. Before you take your pet for a walk, it is worth checking whether the harness is removed through the head. You also need to assess the reliability of fixing elements where the animal’s paws are passed. If the harness falls off, it is worth tightening the mount more tightly. Ultimately, the front strap should be located in the pet’s chest, and the D-ring for the leash – between the shoulder blades.
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    How to make this accessory?

    If you wish, you can try to make a harness on the dog with your own hands. How to put on a hand-made accessory will be much easier to understand. During the work will require the following tools and materials:

    How To Choose A Harness On A Dog, How To Wear An Accessory
    • nylon sling width of about 30 mm;
    • material for the manufacture of lining in the form of flannel fabric or felt;
    • steel rings;
    • snap buckle;
    • durable thread;
    • scissors;
    • sewing machine.

    For the manufacture of the braid is better to use solid steel rings. If the specified structural elements will contain cuts, with strong jerks, the latter can be straightened. It is worth picking up rings in which you can freely stretch several loops from the lines.

    How to make a harness on a dog, how to wear such an accessory? To get started is to make measurements of the parameters of the body of the animal. Measure should chest circumference behind and in front of the limbs of a pet. Next, determine the distance between the shoulders of the dog.

    Work begins with the cutting of the lining. The material folded in half is superimposed on the slings that will pass in the chest area of ​​the animal. Kapron slings are stitched together with a lining. With the help of scissors, all excess parts are carefully removed, the edges are machined with machine stitching.

    The buckle-lock is attached to the lines in the chest area of ​​the animal. Additional material length is provided for adjustment. The leash ring is sewn on the top of the product. It is desirable that the latter is ultimately located exactly between the blades of the pet.

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    During the assembly of the device it is recommended to periodically put it on the animal, making the necessary adjustments. This will ensure not only a comfortable fit for the dog, but also ensure that the four-legged friend does not break loose during the walk.


    So we looked at how to wear a harness. The dog is supposed to keep the dog tight during this procedure. A suitable-sized product will not only ensure complete control over the animal during a walk, but also make it less uncomfortable to wear the accessory. Proper operation of the harness does not make you worry about the safety of the four-way friend and allows the animal to experience the world around it.


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