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How To Choose And Use A Harness For Dogs

What is a harness

A harness – a type of leash, selected individually for each pet. It is a pair of belts connected at four points. It is worn in such a way that the belts are on the ridge and between the front legs. Proved by experts that the harness has advantages over the collar. Dogs have fewer problems with the musculoskeletal system, and they behave more friendly. This makes it possible to control the dog without creating discomfort.

How To Choose And Use A Harness For Dogs

Video "Benefits Harness"

The video tells about the advantages of harness for dogs in front of the collar.

Types of shlek

There are many types of shlek:

  • for a walk;
  • riders;
  • freight;
  • medical;
  • for guard duty;
  • for sports;
  • to search by track.

How to choose the right gear

Choose a harness with your pet. Here you should take into account the breed and size of the dog. First of all, you need to remember that the accessory should be used from nine or ten months. Small breeds can be picked up at six months of age. Harnesses are nylon, leather and tarpaulin, fabric and velor.

Dog leashes that pull loads that exceed their own weight have a special design. Special struts distribute pressure to the chest and shoulders, removing it from the back. The attachment point for traction is below the tail.

Sports harnesses with weights are in the form of a waistcoat, which weights are loaded into pockets. Used to ensure that the pet has a beautiful physique and good shape.

Driving straps are made of dense materials, in places of the most strong pressure soft gaskets are used.

Accessory with a handle on the back is used if the pet has a large size, which allows you to have additional fixation. Also, an elderly or sick pet such accessory will provide ease of movement.

How To Choose And Use A Harness For Dogs

There is a special equipment for the transport of pets in the car. They are arranged the same way as seat belts in a car for a man.

For active large pets who rush forward, corrective harnesses are intended. As the leash passes under the front of the chest, any sudden movement stops the animal without creating discomfort.

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Medical harnesses are designed for sick pets. They occupy two thirds of the body of the animal and relieve pressure from the hind legs.

How to make measurements

When buying equipment you will be given a table of sizes. In order to use it, you need to determine the size of your pet, for which you need to make measurements.

Using a measuring tape measure the length of the back. To do this, measure the length from the withers to the point where the tail begins. To measure chest circumference you need to find the widest place. Measuring the circumference and adding to this figure 2 cm, you will get the desired figure. It remains to measure the neck in the place where they usually wear a collar. The sizes obtained will help you choose the right collar. If the sizes of the pet do not coincide with the table ones, then make a choice towards a larger size.

Recommendations for selection

For large breeds

For large breeds, harnesses have been developed that allow you to control a large pet for a walk even to a child. A leather accessory with a durable carabiner and comfortable buckles is best suited. For larger pets, choose an accessory with felt pads. Even abrupt and strong movements on management will not give the dog any unpleasant feelings.

How To Choose And Use A Harness For Dogs

For a working dog that spends a lot of time in training, you should choose a harness with multi-layered straps from stitched leather. All fastenings must be cast and made of brass. Fight dog still need to wear a muzzle.

For medium breeds

For medium sized dogs, a standard accessory with a leash length from one meter to twenty will fit. If the pet is not a bit off, then it is better to choose an accessory from a tarpaulin, since nylon will quickly become unusable. The carabiner must be of high quality and durable.

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For small breeds

Among the pets of small breeds there are just miniature dogs with thin necks, and it seems that even the most beautiful collar will cause them discomfort. In this case, you can choose a soft or velor harness. For smooth-haired mini-dogs perfect fit harness vest. You can use the insulation in the winter of fur, padding polyester.

You can choose a model with handles on the back. This will raise the dog in his arms. To participate in shows and exhibitions choose leather models with various beautiful and functional clasps and decor items.

In order to participate in the exhibition, the pet will need a special leash – ringovka. Depending on which dog participates in the exhibition, a modification is chosen. For example, for retrievers and labradors, ringovka is suitable.

For any breed it is important that the material from which the accessory is made is well erased, is of high quality, of the correct size, the fasteners must fit tightly in the straps.

Stop your choice on leather belts, as it is possible to adjust the size. This accessory is also easy to do with your own hands.

How to wear a harness

You have made your choice, now it remains to learn how to properly put a harness on a domestic dog, and you can go for a walk. We offer a small master class that will help you cope with this task.

At first it is necessary to straighten an accessory and to arrange the soft party inside. The dog is kept at this time with its feet around the back, especially if it is large. Next, put on the neck neck and tail type. Push the paws on one side and fasten the clasps. Perform a similar operation on the other side.

How To Choose And Use A Harness For Dogs

Then you can safely let go of the pet and check how tightly the gear fits. It should not rub. If the harness is hanging down, adjust the straps. If you choose the right size when buying, then dress the harness will be easy.

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The combination of harness and leash-roulette

For several dogs

The modern market for dog accessories offers roulette leads that allow you to walk two or more pets at once. The design allows you to manage separately each animal. In the carbine there are several leads, and the rotator does not allow them to weave. If you have several pets, then for walking in public places, you can use the leash. The scheme of its device assumes the presence of a forked leash with two carbines, the ends are connected by a ring, and the main leash is fastened to it.

With safety loop

You can buy a lead-roulette with a safety loop. It is a ribbon with two rings at the ends. Such a modification is a good choice for large breeds. Even if the collar is damaged, the rings on the safety loop will hold the dog securely and it will not run away.

Cable and belt

Roulette can be of two types: cord and rope. The second option is a thin cable, a wide band and a carbine are attached at the end. When the tape is assembled, the tape inside the box is not removed. This modification is great for small dogs.

The ribbon model is more suitable for active pets. In this case, the entire tape is rolled into a box. You can also choose the length of the leash, the width of the braid and the sizes of the carbine to choose in accordance with the dimensions of the pet. Such a leash exerts minimal pressure, and the animal quickly gets used and does not notice it.

The German company Flexi offers premium roulettes. Even if you have a broken roulette, you should not hurry to buy a new one. It can be easily repaired. The main thing is to properly disassemble it, as usually the damage is inside.


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