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How To Make A Comfortable Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How to choose a material

How To Make A Comfortable Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

For dogs of large and service breeds, the harness is the best assistant of the trainer, it is impossible to do without her and at dog competitions. If you have a decorative breed dog, the shleya will make the walk comfortable for all participants of this pleasant process.

With your own hands you can make it using durable materials: leather and tape. Be sure to harness for domestic dogs should be equipped with a carabiner and buckle. It is important that the device does not have much weight.

Pay attention to the fact that the pet is not constantly in the harness, because when the dog moves, it has a different center of gravity than during walks with a collar. Therefore, when you have to walk without ammunition, the animal does not like it.

In order to choose the right material, you need to decide for what purpose the harness is selected. For example, nylon and cotton are best used for holding the leash. The skin in this case is not a very good choice, as it should be used in dry weather, and under the influence of moisture, it quickly loses its shape. If we talk about classics, the simplest model consists of two leashes stitched together, fixed at four points.

For small breeds, the harness also has a handle so that the pet can be conveniently picked up. For puppies ammunition should be soft and durable. If you are preparing a dog for the exhibition, the shleu is decorated and decorated with rhinestones and other accessories. For small lapdogs, holding leashes make not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

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Most often, handmade leashes are decorated with patterns, weaving, using various accessories. For walking this option is not suitable due to lack of strength. For sled dogs and dogs – participants of "dog" competitions – the material is selected special, with a large margin of safety.

Dogs that take part in search operations must have a harness made of tarpaulin and thick skin with reliable attachments that do not hamper breathing. For decorative dwarf breeds, retaining leads are made of fur in the form of a waistcoat, as they still have the function of warming. This option is easy to make, using a special instruction.

Thus, choose a dense, wear-resistant, breathable and soft material for the fabrication of the harness, and under the belt should be a pleasant to the touch substrate.

Video "Leash for a dog with their own hands"

From this video you will learn how to make a leash for a dog on your own.

What is needed

Main material

The main material for sewing can be nylon. Try to make a model combined from leather and nylon. For decorative rocks, choose a soft material – velor.


If there is no nylon cable, then you should prepare a medium-width nylon tape. To strengthen you can use the fabric from old jeans. All sections of the braid are melted with a lighter. The band is thinner than leatherette, therefore it is strengthened. For this, the dimensions are multiplied by four, two belts plus a double tape.

Lining material

It is convenient to sew neck with their own hands, as you can mix materials. Natural fabric in the form of a lining will give the product durability, as well as provide the animal with an increased sense of comfort. Lining fabric should be not only natural, but also soft, as it comes into contact with the skin of the pet.

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It is important that the material is well absorbed moisture. Felt, fleece, flannel are perfect for lining.

Mounting Rings

For fastening use metal karabiner rings. Mounts must be strong. It should be noted that the lighter the accessory, the more comfortable and comfortable the dog is in it. In addition, fasteners should be not only strong, but comfortable. The best option is to make a few fasteners.

Rings for fixing choose steel, but they must be solid, so as not to weaken the design. The diameter of the rings is chosen so that there are three loops for the slings freely positioned. Quantity – four pieces. It should also purchase a backpack buckle and two three-slot buckles.

How to take measurements

How To Make A Comfortable Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

To make the dog comfortable, and the harness did not rub on one side and not hang out on the other, the measurements should be taken correctly. You can measure it with an ordinary meter for tailors. To take a measure of chest girth, you need to make measurements in the widest place behind the elbows of the front paws.

The main measure is the width of the back from the beginning of the withers to the base of the tail. The girth of the neck is measured in the place where the collar is usually worn. After that, before writing down the size, add 2 cm to the received figure so that the ammunition is slightly free and does not hinder movement.

Step-by-step instruction

How To Make A Comfortable Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Next we look at how to sew a harness for dogs. We offer step by step instructions:

  1. Take your measurements as indicated above. After that, make a pattern, considering the seam allowances. If you choose nylon for sewing, the allowance will be 2 cm. In the case of leather, leave 5 mm on the seams.
  2. Put the pattern on the selected lining material and cut the lining. Make a line on the inside of the future harness.
  3. Attaching the pattern, cut the product around the perimeter and stitch a soft braid. On the straps make the lines also from the outside.
  4. We collect the product. Mount steel rings on the back. In order to make an adjustable leash, also attach rings to the straps.
  5. Select the decor of the product. If you are the owner of a small dog, then it can be bright stickers, bows, multi-colored pebbles, beads.
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If you have a fighting dog or a service dog, then you can pick up a weighting agent. It is necessary if the dog does not have enough physical activity for building muscles.


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