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How To Make A Harness For A Toy Dog ​​Terrier

Toy terriers are companion dogs, friends and pets. It is believed that with a small dog and less worries, but there is a list of mandatory supplies for a pet of any size.

Ammunition will help protect the four-legged friend on the street and facilitate training. These terriers are characterized by activity, vigor and playfulness, therefore important to control the dog while walking for her safety.

Muzzle for toy terrier

For small dogs muzzle is often considered overkill. Meanwhile, he must be in a dog "wardrobe".

Fragile miniature toy terriers are quite nervous and temperamental: veterinary procedures or simple nail cutting without a muzzle threaten to turn into a battle with a biting alarmist.

Muzzle will come in handy and when walking with a pet, as he may suddenly become aggressive towards cats and other irritants.

The main types of muzzles:

  • deaf – often used for large breeds in order to fully fix the mouth. For the terriers enough half-open limiter in the form of a solid strip or velcro.
How To Make A Harness For A Toy Dog ​​Terrier

Important! Plastic muzzles can only be used briefly, a hard base can rub the dog’s face.

Now popular silicone muzzles, "ducks", which do not cause scuffs and easy to wash.

  • reticulate – a muzzle of straps, more free and light, recommended for walking. Leather and fabric models are less traumatic. The advantage of plastic – in durability and ease of hygienic processing.

It is better to choose a muzzle after preliminary measurements, and ideally trying on a dog.


For that terrier this equipment detail pretty simple to choose. It is enough to be guided by the nature of the pet and the appointment.

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That terriers have short hair, and collars with a soft inner surface are better suited for them. Should be avoided metal chains-strangulation – for small breeds is a dangerous model.

The assortment of collars for small breeds can be divided into 4 groups:

  1. Classic for walking.
  2. Modern electronic.
  3. Collars for training.
  4. Decorative models.

If strangle collar is needed for training, you need to choose synthetic light-slip materials.

A useful addition will be a sign with the nickname of the animal and coordinates to communicate with the owner.

If a dog has a desire for free life and is often lost, then you can look at modern solutions: collars with a gps tracker.

You can track the "loss" through a special program in the range of satellite communications. The disadvantage of such a device is its value: the collar can be removed from the animal for the purpose of appropriation.

On a note! When selecting a collar, be guided by the old rule of dog breeders. The fit should be such that a finger can be inserted between the neck and the collar.

LED collar will help out lovers of late walks. In this outfit, even that terrier is easy to see in the dark.

Harness for toy terrier

The most important subject for decorative dogs – Harness. Such equipment allows you to properly distribute the load when jerking and does not harm the energetic one to the terrier, as is the case when using a collar.

The right harness should fit tightly, but not tightly fit the body, not twist and not stray.

To destination harness are divided into: cargo, riding and pleasure.

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For that terrier, of course, only the last option is interesting. In the walking modification, the leash attachment ring is at the withers level.

Important! It is not recommended to use a harness under the age of 6 months. This can lead to an abnormal development of the puppy and provoke a violation of posture.

To make the right choice, measure the length of the back, chest girth and neck girth of the dog.

Stitches can also be in the light version in the form of straps, and in a more comfortable, with broad support on the chest and back. The first option is suitable calm dog, the second – for impetuous and energetic.


Leash for walking it should be sufficient (about 1.5 m) length and light. For this purpose, reinforced and shock-absorbing models are not needed, it is enough to choose a fabric, synthetic or leather version with a durable carbine. Chains, tape measures and cables can harm small rocks.

For an adult toy terrier, a convenient harness with a strong leash about 1.5 cm wide will be ideal.

For training, you need to have in the arsenal of leashes up to 5 m. But for walks of this length a lot – a small active toy terrier can entangle themselves, the owner and everything that turns into a range of walking.

Useful video

How to wash the ammunition of a toy terrier

Attention! When using items of equipment do not forget to check the status of the ammunition and the size.

Dogs quickly grow out of puppy purchases and may experience discomfort from a tight collar or improperly positioned harness. Ornaments in the form of rivets, rhinestones, pendants increase the weight of the ammunition and can burden that terrier.


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