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How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

The role of sled dogs in the lives of the peoples of the North is difficult to overestimate, just as one cannot overestimate their role in the scientific expeditions that have conquered the North and South Poles. Precisely because of their strength, supplies and equipment were delivered to the polar sites. Together with the researchers, they bravely endured the hardships and hardships of traveling through the icy desert. The dog in harness for a long time facilitated and guarded the lives of the inhabitants of the tundra, giving the opportunity to engage in hunting, fishing, maintain contact with neighboring communities.

How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

There are several breeds of sled dogs: Husky, Malamute, Chinook, which have endurance, physical strength, high speed and the ability to endure low temperatures.

How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

As sled dogs, the Husky first began to use the Chukchi, for which this breed became the main force for the expansion of hunting grounds and the transportation of prey to the settlement. Despite their small growth, they were distinguished by excellent running characteristics, the ability to quickly recover strength and good tolerance of a cold climate.

How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

An Alaskan Malamute is considered to be a fairly large sled dog. The oldest breed of dogs, derived by the same Eskimo tribe to work in the team. Athletic Malamut folded has a high ability to withstand low temperatures and travel long distances.

Chinook, a rare breed, bred recently in the early twentieth century in the United States. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by a quick run and a good plodding force.

How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

More recently, the Eskimo team has consisted of eight dogs harnessed into sleds fan-shaped and ruled by scourge and shouts. The scourge had 12–18 feet in length, and the Eskimos used them so skillfully that the blow was precisely to the dog that was guilty. In order to quickly deliver a heavy load, the number of dogs sometimes increases to ten to twelve. The Eskimos harness was made of seal skins connected on the neck and at the throat with transverse bundles. The legs of the dogs were threaded into special loops. Edges were attached to the bundle on the back. Such a flexible and easy harness did not hamper the movement of dogs, but had a significant drawback. During long-distance expedition journeys, when the shortage of food was acute, the dogs ate the harness. Therefore, polar explorers used braided linen cords instead of leather posts. It was not easy for an unlearned person to manage a restless harness. The dogs jumped one over the other, tearing and teasing each other. Often such a ride ended in a dog fight. At the same time the traces got entangled in such a way that the Gordian knot in comparison with it seemed like a child’s toy. Often it was necessary to stop, unravel the traces, which in 50-degree frosts was not the most pleasant thing. Today, the most commonly used is a tugovaya harness, where two dogs are fastened along a long strap.

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How To Make A Team For Dogs Ajnj

Movie: "Sled Dogs: Huskies, Malamute, Samoyed."

Images from the film "White Captivity". By the way, a very good movie about sled dogs.

Song: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Engholm Husky fall training in 2010.


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