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How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

In the article I will look at the main types of shlek and tell you how to make a harness for the dog with your own hands, collect the pattern and choose the material. Also consider how to properly put the finished product on the pet.

Dog harness design

The harness – an alternative version of the strict collar, to avoid injury when tightening the leash.

Despite the fact that the initial users of the product were riding breeds, the product became popular and was used for all types of dogs.

The harness is tight to the body, clasping the chest and neck. It is turned on between the forelimbs and fixed on the back of the animal.

Varieties of harnesses for home and riding dogs

First of all, all types of shlek can be divided according to their intended purpose:

    Puppy and for small breeds. For compact sizes, individual tailoring is preferred.

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Hook for puppies
Freight. They assume frequent physical training with weights, therefore they contain spare pockets.

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Cargo harness
Exhibition. Differ in a special decor and the maximum narrowing of fastenings.

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Exhibition harness
Medical. Easier walking of animals injured or having paralysis of the limbs.

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Medical harness
Walking Used as often as possible, therefore, in the manufacture adhere to materials with high wear resistance and durability.

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Walking harness
Driving. They are made of canvas and nylon, which allow to withstand any conditions during competitions (for example, for huskies and huskies).

How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Ride harness
Traces. Provide maximum free movement, which is important for dogs that help in the service-search work.

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How To Make The Right Harness For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Trace harness

Among the materials used, it is important to highlight:

  1. Skin Presentable appearance wears out quickly. Any damage and moisture deform the material. Shleyku becomes difficult to wear.
  2. Nylon. Does not weigh down the overall weight of the product, has high strength and durability. Attracts a small price and easy care.
  3. Tarpaulin. It is strong and has favorable price. Not durable, it is difficult to wash and can dry for days.

The obvious advantage is observed at nylon shlek, but also leather have the pluses. They are used for service dogs requiring more durable and wide belts, it is convenient and easy to put them on.

How to sew a harness with their own hands

Necessary materials

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • soft fabric;
  • threads and needles;
  • metal ring;
  • scissors;
  • chalk;
  • sewing machine;
  • buttons or stickies.

Taking measurements

Before creating the pattern, fix all the parameters of the pet:

  1. Chest circumference. When measuring, be guided by the widest place, located behind the front limbs.
  2. Girth of the neck. Take measurements on the collar area.
  3. Back length. Measure from the withers to the base of the tail.

Add 2cm to your scores. This will help avoid a tight fit.


Sewing instructions

After making the main parts proceed to sewing. Step-by-step actions will help stitch everything right:

  1. Place part 1 on a flat surface.
  2. Cut out a strip of fabric residues equal to the length of the parts obtained.
  3. Tie the side edges inward and follow them with a basting stitch.
  4. Use a typewriter for a lowercase seam.
  5. Place the resulting strip exactly in the middle of part # 1.
  6. Take a metal ring and fix it under the strip in the center.
  7. Attach item # 2 to the first one, folding the front sides.
  8. Baste the edges and make a lowercase seam, leaving a tiny hole. It will help turn the product.
  9. Turn the resulting harness and get rid of the hole with a secret seam.
  10. Sew the selected fasteners along the edges of the product and be proud of the work done.
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How to put a harness on a dog

At the first meeting with the harness the dog is discouraged and does not understand what actions are required of it. To avoid injury, make sure you wear the device correctly and provide support. Properly wear get the following instructions:

  1. Achieve maximum contact. Sit down behind the animal and grab it by the front legs, fixing the whole body between your legs.
  2. Distract from the unpleasant process. Talking with your pet, try to shove his legs into the holes.
  3. Make sure the center strap is in the middle of the chest. Fix the position of the product using the side straps.
  4. Track the reliability of fasteners. Check the freedom of movement and fit to the body, making sure that you can put a finger between the body of the dog and the straps.

In conclusion, I note that the harness is a good alternative to the leash for a domestic dog, which distributes the load evenly and has a minimal effect on the animal’s body. Despite the obvious advantages, you should not abuse the convenient product. An accustomed animal can completely abandon the collar.


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