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How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

Today we will talk about how to choose, fit and put the harness on the Siberian Huskies. Also consider the types and types of shleek for breeds of sled dogs for walking, training and sports with Husky. We learn the advantages and disadvantages of shleek for Siberian Husky

How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

Rules for choosing harness for Siberian Husky

1. The material from which it is made should be durable, but soft, durable and easy to wear.

2. It is better to choose harness not with one, but with several clasps. Well, when the procedure of putting on ammunition in husky does not cause discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to choose models in which the dog does not need to "squeeze".

How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

4. The strap of the upper part of the harness should correspond to the width of the back of the husky and not be too narrow so as not to bump into the body of the animal.

5. It is better not to wear harness on the street constantly and it is unacceptable to leave huskies in the harness of the house or in the aviary.

How To Measure The Harness For Dogs

Before buying Harness, it is necessary to take measurements from Siberian husky

This is done with the help of a tailor meter. When removing measurements Husk should be exactly. To determine the size of the harness, you need to take three basic measurements:

1. the main measure is the length of the back from the base of the tail to the base of the withers;

2. neck girth at the collar location;

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3. chest girth behind the front legs in the widest place. To her need for free fitting add 2 cm.


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