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How To Put A Harness On A Dog

Acquiring the difficult interlacing of the eight straps, the novice owner doesn’t really know what to do with them and how to positively wear harness on the dog . The harness is a leash, which is connected with a belt, passing through the upper part of the chest.


one. If you have a hefty temperamental dog that does not allow to wear harness , It is imperative to grab the dog’s waist between your knees. At this time, right straighten harness so that the soft part is inside.

2 The first step is to put a closed ring on the dog’s neck (the dimensions on the harness in the neck may vary).

3 Now it is necessary to unfold the jumper (which connects the closed ring and the strap), so that it is located on the throat.

four. Then move the strap to the desired position, thereby limiting the space between the jumper and the closed ring.

five. Push the dog’s front right paw into the space between the strap and the closed ring. Thus, it turns out that the jumper will pass through the chest, and the right paw will be clothed with harness .

6 Now there is one free end, the one that must be brought into the armpit of the left paw.

7 Now you can fasten the strap. It is necessary to put the dog on its paws and straighten the closed ring around the neck so that it does not squeeze, but at the same time fits the dog’s neck tightly. Check the jumper on the chest, it should lie flat.

eight. Try to tighten the strap, on the contrary, the dog will be able to easily turn out of the loosely fastened straps.

9. Fasten the leash to the carabiner, adjust the tension of the strap and allow you to go bravely for a walk.

You probably have already heard the word "harness". If you have, you know what this subject is for. If not, we will clarify: the interlacing of the straps is called a strap, which plays the role of a collar for a domestic animal, so that it dresses on the body and does not pull off the neck. Looking at this item for the first time, we can smash our heads for a long time, like putting it on our cat or, say, on a domesticated polecat. Domestic ferrets are rare, but now how to put a harness on a cat, we now make out.

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How To Put A Harness On A Dog


one. The most common eight loop is a closed ring that smoothly passes into the strap. The size of the closed ring that lies on the cat’s neck can vary. After that, a leash is fastened to the worn harness afterwards with a carabiner.

2 Leaves, we put on the closed ring on a cat’s neck. We expand the jumper that connects the strap and the closed ring so that it is located on the throat.

3 Extend the space between the closed ring and the jumper, moving the strap to the desired position. Then we push the right paw of the cat into the space between the closed ring and the strap. So we get that jumper will lie on the cat’s chest, and the right leg of the animal will be covered with a harness.

four. Now we will take up the loose end of the strap and start it in the armpit of the 2nd (left) foot. We fasten the strap. We put the cat on its paws, adjust the closed ring around the animal’s neck so that it tightly fits the cat’s throat, but it does not squeeze. Then the cat from the closed ring will not be able either to turn out or to be pulled out by force. Once again, we are convinced that the jumper lies flat on the chest, and the right foot is coolly fixed.

five. Now tighten the strap. Do not worry, you will not hurt the cat. If you leave a small slack when the strap is tightened, the cat will be able to easily wrench out of the strap. After adjusting the tension of the strap, we fasten a carabiner to the harness and can go for a walk on our home animal.

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There are various stitches. Usually they are a leash associated with a strap passing through the front part of the dog’s chest, which stops it when trying to rush forward. Harness can be sled, guard, coupling.

How To Put A Harness On A Dog


one. Refer to the dog handlers before you start to accustom the dog to the harness. Many of them believe that wearing it continuously may not in the best way affect the dog’s posture and the position of its front limbs. Puppies are more excellent to take a walk on a harness, because the kid, if he was interested in something, can unexpectedly throw himself off the leash and damage his neck, back or thyroid gland. Needs harness for the dogs of the smallest and largest breeds.

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3 Call a dog. "Saddle" her, holding her waist between her knees. Unscrew and straighten all the straps of the harness with a soft lining inside. Take with your left hand a harness for the crosshairs of the straps, which should already be placed on the animal’s withers, and with your right, grab the rope loop where the mount for the carbine is located. The lower part of the harness at this time should be located between the front legs of the dog. Fold it in half so that the chest straps are located on top.

four. Put the harness on the head of an animal, pass it through the ears. If the thick coat of the pet prevents them from donning, gently pull it out from under the straps as it moves towards the base of the neck. The main thing is that the dog does not hurt, the more so if you put the harness on it for the first time. Make sure that the straps do not squeeze her neck.

five. Slide the dog’s front paws through the harness in turn, straighten the straps on the sides and back, just gently pull the hair out from under the chest straps. Do not overtighten; between the body and the strap should pass freely palm. The harness strap should be located at a distance of approximately the width of the palm of the armpit. Attach a leash to the rings on the rings.

A dog that lives in the city must be used to wearing a collar and leash from puppyhood. The earlier you start to teach the beast to these suitable accessories, the more cool. A positively bred dog will walk quietly on a leash, without causing inconvenience to the owner and others.

How To Put A Harness On A Dog

You will need

  • – collar;
  • – leash;
  • – delicacies;
  • – ball or other toy.


one. First, put a collar on your puppy. A lot of dogs get used to the new sensations quickly enough – in a few days your pet will no longer notice it. If the dog is aggressively trying to get rid of new clothes, study the collar. It can rub the neck of an animal or fasten too tightly. Adjust the degree of tension or change the collar to a more comfortable model.

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2 When the dog gets used to the collar, it is the turn of the leash. Choose the right model with a sturdy carabiner that fits securely on the collar. The length of the leash should allow the dog to go a long distance.

3 Let the dog sniff the leash. Fasten it to the collar and take the dog for a walk. First, let her go at ease. The leash must not restrict movement of the dog. For the first walk is quite half an hour.

four. The main thing is that the leash in the mind of the dog was associated extraordinarily with positive emotions. Putting on and taking it off, give the dog a treat. As a result, the resourceful pet quickly connects delicious things, a long-awaited walk and a leash together and will not oppose the charges.

five. If the dog persistently does not want to walk on a leash, whines and lies on the ground, do not shout at it and do not try to punish. Stretch the treat for the dog, prompting him to rise and take a few steps. It is allowed to throw a ball forward and run along with the pet. Little by little, the dog realizes that life on a leash is not so trashy.

6 When the dog gets used to walking on a leash, begin to teach him to discipline. The bestial living in the city should understand the command “Near” and calmly walk next to the owner on a short leash. If you gave the command, be consistent. Hold the dog, not letting it run. But be careful and to her needs – do not pull and do not pull the dog, if he decided to stop on urgent matters. Wait for the pet and continue driving.

Helpful advice
From time to time, let the dog run free. A small dog can do it in a wasteland or a dog playground. Big dog take out of the city – a lot of breeds in need of excellent exercise.


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