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How To Put A Harness On A Dog

Many dog ​​owners do not know how to put a harness on her. Before you apply it, you need to figure out what it is and what types of harnesses currently are. The type will depend on how it should be used.

What is a dog harness?

The dog harness, like the collar, is a specialized accessory, but when compared with a conventional collar, it has several advantages. Many owners do not realize that they can harm their animal when it behaves too actively and tugs at the collar.

Harness help owners to make a lot less effort to control your pet. She also helps to strengthen the relationship between the owner and the pet, the dog is better able to manage, because it feels good to its owner.

Types of shlek

Shleya can look different, it depends on what tasks are set before the dog itself.

There are several types of shlek:

  1. Simple walking harness. They have a ring for fastening the belt located at the height of the withers of the pet. Usually, such ammunition is worn for daily walks with the dog. Simple can be designed specifically for small breeds, on the contrary, for fairly large pets.
  2. Towing harnesses. This type of canine ammunition is usually used for sporting events or races involving dog sleds. Therefore, this attribute has another name – ride harness, which is characterized by enhanced strength of the belts.
  3. The harnesses weighed down by loads. They are used to strengthen the muscles of dogs. Usually they are used in situations where, for example, an animal has broken limbs. Weight of goods can be adjusted if necessary. Such harness can be used for sports competitions with dogs, for muscle training.
  4. Medical harnesses. They have the appearance of a vest covering 2/3 of the body of the dog, which makes it possible to reduce the load on the hind legs. Apply only to sick animals.
How To Put A Harness On A Dog

Many dog ​​experts believe that you should not often wear a stub and should always be replaced with a collar. Owners of puppies should acquire a spike designed specifically for young animals. If the dog is large, then you need to buy the appropriate loaf. To pick it up, you should use a special size table, which takes into account the breed and dimensions of the pet.

Known dog experts have found that the continuous use of the collar can adversely affect the health of the dog. Experiments were carried out that proved that with constant use of the collar, animals begin to have problems in the neck or spinal cord, as a result of which they feel pain. When making intense sharp movements that occur when jerking a leash, the animal may receive injuries and damage. This is especially true if the host uses a specialized collar with spikes, a chain.

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How to wear

If the owner wants to use a stiletto for his pet, then he should know how to wear it.

How To Put A Harness On A Dog

How to put a harness on a dog:

  1. If the animal is nervous, then it must be kept in the back area, placed between the legs. The belt must be straightened so that a soft surface is located on the inside.
  2. Carefully put on the ring-shaped closed element on the animal. Do not forget that, depending on the size of the dog, it is important to change the parameters of the harness.
  3. Position the strap in the opposite direction to the desired position, with the result that the space between the jumper and the closed circle should be limited.
  4. Carefully thread the dog’s paw into the space between the belt itself and the closed circle.
  5. As a result of all actions, the jumper easily passes through the surface of the chest, and the strap will be worn on the right side. One side will be free and you will need to pass it through the axillary region of the left paw, and then fasten the belt.
  6. It is necessary to fix the circle on the surface of the pet’s neck so that it does not cause him to suffocate, but fits snugly enough. It is necessary to check all the fasteners.

The harness should always be worn quietly and without haste, it can be fastened incorrectly, as a result of which the belt itself can be unbuttoned.


Master it yourself

Now many pet owners make harnesses for their dogs on their own.

To do this, they use the following materials:

  1. Sling from a nylon width from one and a half to three centimeters. The larger the dog, the wider the sling should be.
  2. Lining material. Well fit flannel or felt.
  3. Solid steel rings. They need to buy four pieces.
  4. Base on backpack type, including one buckle-lock and 2 buckles with three slits.

Stages of work in the independent production of the braid:

  1. It is necessary to correctly measure the animal. It is necessary to know the chest volume behind the front limbs (A), the chest volume in front of the front limbs (B), the size between the lowest points of the chest circumference along the sternum (D), the distance between the middle of both shoulders (D).
  2. To make the cutting lines from caprone. To make it easier to cut, it is recommended to use a hot soldering iron or hot scissors:
    • the first segment is A – D, the value of A must be subtracted from the value A and be sure to add 10 cm for the stock, take into account two folds on the buckle and ring;
    • the second segment is Gd, from distance B it is necessary to take away the distance G and add a few centimeters for the stock;
    • the third part is only the value of D, here you need to add two folds for the loops, into which the rest parts will go, each fold should be equal to twice the width plus 1 cm;
    • parts 4 and 5 are equal to each other and make up half of the value of Г; to the value of Г it is necessary to add a hem with regard to the ring and buckle-lock.
    • Cut the lining. Three lining items are used on the harness; they are laid on three nylon parts. The width of the items from the lining fabric should be equal to twice the width of the sling, they are folded to the center and ironed. Cut out details can be the principle of oblique bake or along the direction of the thread.
    • Assemble all finished parts. It is necessary to begin with part B. Kapronovy a sling needs to be sewed together with a pad. At first, only the center of the components is stitched on the machine so that the sling from the edges can be easily folded. Sling folds from the ends. Over it reveals a lining. All unnecessary parts must be cut off, the edges should be bent 1 cm and stitched crosswise in a square shape all together.
    • Similarly assemble all the details. According to the same principle, stitch the pad at the middle parts of the stitches, not forgetting to leave a margin for bending from the edge where the steel ring will be fixed. On the side of the buckle-lock, additional space should be left for bending and for adjusting the buckle. All the excess need to be cut off, bend the edges and stitch again on the machine. If everything is done correctly, then there will be no lining at the very end of the lanyard.
    • The remaining sling needs to be bent around the buckle with three slits and cross stitch crosswise, you need to thread the rings and lower the path into the buckle. If necessary, adjustment can be made at the assembly stage. This should be done so that the accessory is properly seated on the dog, and during walks, she was unable to slip out of it.
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    Adhering to all the rules, you can make a loop for a pet with your own hands.

    How to choose the size of the product

    The size is very important because the tight harness can cause various diseases and deformities of the paws. It will be difficult to keep the pet in too loose ammunition, since it can easily “wriggle out” of it.

    The wrong size makes the chest belt too close to the armpit. And this is a serious discomfort for the pet. The dog will try to avoid him by twisting his elbows.

    If you wear such a problem stitching constantly, then the wrong paws and gait are guaranteed. This is especially important for animals that are planned to be displayed at exhibitions.

    Therefore, you need to pick up the harness, after removing the main measurements from your dog:

    1. Neck girth – measure around the centimeter the place where you usually wear a collar;
    2. Chest circumference – measure around the elbows in front of their paws, a little further from the armpits. To the resulting figure for free fit, if the dog is small, add one centimeter. In the case when your pet is big and solid, two centimeters are added. The resulting figure is the desired indicator.
    3. The length of the back – it should be measured by putting a centimeter to the back of the animal. We will be interested in the length readings, from the withers down to the base of the tail.
    4. Pet weight is one of the important indicators.

    In general, the sizes are classified ranging from XS (the smallest up to 1 kg) to 2-7 XL (the largest up to 40-60 kg).

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    Each harness has the ability to adjust the volume with the help of special fittings. Straps can be tightened or loosen, which is very convenient.


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