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How To Put A Harness On A Dog

How To Put A Harness On A Dog

A harness is a specialized ammunition, which has clear advantages over a conventional leash. It helps to control the pet. Consider how to wear different types of this accessory.

  1. Place behind the dog:
  • when the animal will sit, you need to go behind him and sit down to ensure the convenience of carrying out manipulations from all sides;
  • the dog may be in a standing position if it does not try to move; do not wear a harness when the pet is restless so as not to injure it;
  • it is allowed to do manipulations from the front, but in this case the animal will react to the actions more alarmingly.
  1. Both loop loops need to be put on the head:
  • the lower loop is larger than the upper loop, they are parallel to each other;
  • make sure that the buckle is undone;
  • vertical strap should be on the chest of the animal.
  1. Slide your paw into the space provided for it. The second ring-shaped device for the paw is not yet buttoned, but the person must see its two ends, which are closed with a buckle, and figure out where it is located.
  2. Not fastened with a buckle to fasten need to hold under the second front paw so that the strap comes out along the side of the pet forward:
  • now should fix the ends of the buckle;
  • harness is worn.
  1. Further, the ammunition should be adjusted to make the dog comfortable in it. The generally accepted rule when it is possible to stick a pair of fingers under the jumpers of the team:
  • pull the locking mechanism; if he unfastened, this indicates excessive tightness;
  • check if the harness is pulled from the head; when it is displaced, tighten the harness more firmly;
  • front loop need, that was in the middle of the chest.
  1. You can wear a leash.
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Harness with front closure

  1. Position yourself behind the animal. The dog can sit or stand. In a lying position to put on a harness will not work.
  2. Put on the ring-shaped object on the pet’s head, which is created by the straps (chest and shoulder). The latter should be placed in the appropriate places:
  • Before you start putting on the ammunition, you need to unbutton the abdominal buckle;
  • shoulder and chest straps are actually perpendicular, being in the extended position. In some products, these straps are of one shade, and the abdominal is made in a different color;
  • wearing a shoulder strap, adjust it so that the connecting ring is in the center between the shoulder blades of the pet.
  1. Now you need to hold the abdominal belt under the stomach and fasten to the connecting mechanism on the other side:
  • correct the shoulder and abdominal straps so that the dog is comfortable; for medium and small pets it is allowed to stick a finger under the sling, for large pets – two;
  • the team including the abdominal and shoulder strap is required to create a vertical line; the first should not fall into the armpits of the animal.
  1. The chest strap is placed horizontally. Check that it does not sag or rise. Correct all sides so that the D-ring is located at the front in the center.
  2. The harness is on. You can wear a leash and go for a walk with a pet.

Accessories for dogs of small breeds

This group includes not only small pets, but also miniature specimens with small paws and slender necks. It seems that any collar can cause them trouble. These dogs need a soft harness that will not harm them. Manufacturers of dog ammunition in such situations offer such products:

  • a soft accessory, for example, from velor protects the animal from accidental damage;
  • waistcoat in the shape of a vest well suited for smooth-haired little dogs;
  • in the cold season, they apply warming from fluffy, warm fabrics;
  • to raise a miniature pet, you can purchase an accessory that has handles on the back;
  • beautiful products made of delicate leather, embroidered with various elements, comfortable carbines are on sale. Often they are purchased to participate in dog shows.
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Harness for medium dogs

For these pets, they mainly use classic ammunition with a handle, the size of which ranges from a meter to twenty. It is leather, canvas, nylon. The clasp requires good quality.

Accessories for large representatives

To date, copies have been created, a fabric has been selected for the manufacture of ammunition, which makes it possible for a large pet to be taken for a walk even to children.

Such types of shlek are popular:

  1. The subject is made of genuine quality leather. The straps are provided with sturdy elements, reliable carabiner.
  2. To reduce the resistance, the harness is equipped with an additional felt layer. With sudden movements, the animal does not experience discomfort. The owner at the same time controls the dog completely.
  3. For training, training straps are made of several layers of leather. Fasteners are made of cast brass. The harness is strong and last for a long period of time.

Caring for your dog will help you choose the right accessory for her.


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