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How To Put A Harness On A Dog

Many dog ​​owners do not understand how to put the harness on the dog correctly. It is necessary to understand what a harness is, what types of it exist – it depends on how to put it on.

What is a pet harness?

A harness for dogs is a specialized type of ammunition, with clear advantages over a simple leash. Many dog ​​owners do not understand: to pull the leash with the collar forward, trying to calm the excited dog means to harm the pet.

The solution to the problem is a harness for dogs. It can help control the animal with a minimum of movement. The harness strengthens the relationship of the animal with the owner: the dog feels the owner, it is easier to lead.

Types of harness for dogs

The harness is divided into types depending on the operations that the dog must perform. There are the following types of harness:

  • Simple harness for a walk. Ring fastening straps located at the withers of the animal. Often, the teams are used for everyday walks with a pet. There are harnesses for small and large dogs, the differences lie in the location of the belts.
  • Towing type harness (driving). Ammunition is mainly used during sports competitions, sled dog races. Differ from simple shleek – special durability of belts.
  • Harnesses with weights for dogs. Used to strengthen the muscle mass of the pet. It is mainly used during the recovery period after limb fractures. The mass of the load is adjustable.

Canine experts say: the harness should be constantly replaced by a collar. Wearing it is often not recommended. It is necessary to choose a team according to the age and size of the animal.

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Important! Constant wearing of collars can adversely affect the condition of the dog. Cynologists have found out: dogs whose owners constantly put a collar on an animal, got problems with the neck and spinal cord, feel pain.

Various injuries are often the result of sudden movements of the dog when the leash jerks, especially when the host uses specialized collars (studded, out of a chain).

A harness with weights is suitable for training sports muscles – sled, hounds – dogs.

How to wear a harness for a pet

Observing a certain sequence will help you quickly and correctly put a harness on the dog:

  1. A wild animal is captured in the back, fixed with legs. At the same time straighten the leash, having a non-solid surface from the inside.
  2. Carefully put on the dog a ring-shaped object (the parameters of the harness vary depending on the size of the dog).
  3. The strap is retracted to the other side so that it takes the desired position, reducing the distance between the wheel and the jumper.
  4. Push the animal’s paw into the space between the circle and the strap. The jumper slips through the chest area, the strap is located on the right side.
  5. The free left part of the harness is passed through the armpit of the left paw, buttoning the strap.
  6. Having let go of the pet, they correct the circle around his neck – he should sit tight, but not strangle the dog.
  7. Check the buttoned mechanisms.

How To Put A Harness On A Dog

All operations are carried out slowly – haste leads to improper fastening of the team.

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How to make a harness on your own

Now most owners prefer to make a harness for the dog. To make a dog harness you will need:

  • nylon sling 15-30 mm wide (the larger the animal, the thicker the tape is needed);
  • lining material (felt, flannel);
  • 4 solid steel rings;
  • base of backpack type (buckle-lock, buckle with three slits) 2 pieces.

Important! Kapron sling can withstand sudden movements of an animal weighing up to 150 kg. In the manufacture of braces should be used solid – without cuts – steel rings, otherwise the design will lose reliability.

The order of manufacturing brace:

  • Taking measurements from the dog. Measure the girth of the chest A (behind the front paws), the girth of the chest B (in front of the front paws), the distance along the chest between the lower points of the circumference of the chest D, the distance from the middle of one shoulder to the other D.
  • Cut the lines. For cutting use hot scissors or a soldering iron. The first part – A to G. From the value of A, T is taken away, 10 cm is added for stock and bending on the buckle and ring. The second part is Gd. From the value of B they take away the sizes of G, add 10 cm. The third part – B. Add to the value of 2 folds on the loops. The dimensions of the fold – the width of the tape, multiplied by two, plus 1 cm. The fourth and fifth parts (G / 2) are the same. To the size of G add buckling buckle: lock and buckle on the ring (1.5 + 1.5 + 3 cm).
  • Cutting lining. Lining items in the harness 3. The material pave the first, second, third nylon parts. Felt make details of the double width of the sling to the middle, are covered with an iron. There are 2 options for cutting: oblique bake or along the thread.
  • Assembly. A lining is sewn to the detail B, the line is laid along the middle part of the parts so that the sling can be folded. Lay the lines from opposite ends. Over the folded ribbon open the pad, remove excess parts with scissors, bend the edges by 1 cm. Using a sewing machine, build a square-shaped construction cross-wise.
  • Connect the rest of the details with the lining in the same way, leaving from the end where the ring will be placed, the non-zasterenny area for bending. From the end on which there will be a buckle, leave an additional place for adjustment of a buckle and a hem. Cut off the excess, bend, lay a line. The end of the sling must be without lining.
  • The remaining tape is folded around the buckle with 2 slits, sewn crosswise. Thread the rings, lower the sling into the buckle. In the process of assembling they regulate the harness: it must sit well on the pet so that the beast does not break loose during the walk.
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Observing the rules, it will turn out to make a harness for the dog.


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