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How To Put A Harness On A Dog Is Easiest

The future owner of the dog, regardless of his wishes, will have to add a lot of new items to the expenditure side of the family budget. A dog’s food, protection of its health, hygiene, as well as many different accessories, in the first place among which, perhaps, devices for walking – a leash, a muzzle, a harness.

Yes, yes, it is a harness, not a walking collar. Due to its design, the harness significantly reduces, unlike the collar, the possibility of injury to the cervical spine of the dog. Knowing how to put the harness on the dog correctly, the owner, however, must carefully check the fit of the straps on his chest about under the front legs each time. Belts should not be overtightened, hamper movement and breathing of the dog. According to the rules, under the buttoned straps, the harness should be free to pass the palm.

When purchasing Harness pay attention to the material and quality of the accessory. Even with a strong jerk of the dog, the harness should evenly distribute the load on the neck and chest, and at the same time, should not injure the animal, and not burst. For the selection of Schleek there are special tables that take into account the breed, age, weight of dogs. And the acquisition of the harness and leash must be taken with the utmost responsibility.

How To Put A Harness On A Dog Is Easiest

In general, the responsibility of the owner should be manifested in everything. For example, the owner of a bitch, knowing the information about the dog’s pregnancy duration (58 – 68 days), must have a clear idea of ​​how to give birth to a dog, even if he has a familiar veterinarian who is ready to help at any time of the day or night. Starting from about 55 days, the dog should not be left alone – it means you need to take time off at work or time off. Everything must be ready – a place for receiving childbirth, diaper, syringe, medicines, scissors, etc. And you need to be clear about how the owner can help the dog, and how to handle newborn puppies.

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Always, at any stage of upbringing and education, whether the owner solves the problem, how to teach the dog voice, or teaches it to the rules of behavior in the apartment – the dog must be friendly to feel the love and care of the owner. Dogs love to learn, especially if this process is based on the game, and instantly grasp the necessary skills. The owner only needs to be sufficiently persistent, methodical in his actions, necessarily relying on encouragement and praise of the dog during the training. Feeling the warmth of the host, the dog will respond with diligence, increased many times.

When the question is solved how to raise an ideal dog, one should not forget the genetic code of this animal. The dog will submit to the “leader of the pack”, but in order to become a “leader”, the owner must have indisputable authority. No loosening, not even a hint of disobedience should be allowed, regardless of age. Dogs (dogs in particular) are always trying to climb the hierarchy, to occupy a dominant position. It is necessary to methodically, persistently, trying not to stoop to punishment, to indicate to the dog its subordinate position. As a rule, these efforts are justified. There are very few irreparable dogs, and even then, in this case, one can speak either about pathology or the complete spinelessness of the owners.

A good owner always thinks about everything in a complex way – and about what urgently needs to be purchased for a pet, and how to make an open-air cage for a dog, and about its health, and about hygiene, and about maximum comfort, and about proper nutrition, and many, many more. questions! Yes, this is not an easy burden, but the man knew what he was going for. But then, how great it is when the owner is met every day by the open, full of love and devotion, the eyes of his faithful friend!


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