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How To Put A Harness On A Dog

How To Put A Harness On A Dog

Dog owners are increasingly wondering how to properly wear a harness to an animal? You should first understand what is this harness, and what it is. After all, the type of dressing depends on the variety.

Definition and species

A harness for dogs is a type of ammunition that has numerous advantages over an ordinary leash. Some pet owners do not understand that if you pull the collar, the animal is harmed.

Harnesses help implement a minimum of action to control the animal. This type of ammunition strengthens the relationship between the owner and the dog. It becomes easier to manage a pet, because it begins to feel the owner better.

Today these types of ammunition are distinguished:

    Ordinary walking harness. In them the ring of fastening is located at the level of the withers of the dog. Such teams are relevant for everyday walks.

Many dog ​​experts agree that dogs need to periodically change the harnesses on the collar. That is, you can not wear them often. This can cause problems with the spinal cord and neck of the animal.

Features of putting on

To properly wear a dog harness, you need to follow this sequence:

  1. If the animal is violent, then you need to capture it in the back area, secure it between your legs. At the same time, it is necessary to straighten the leash so that its non-solid surface is located on the inside.
  2. Then a ring-shaped closed object must be put on the dog.
  3. Hold the other side of the strap to the required position, limiting the space between the jumper and the closed circle.
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When performing such actions, you can not rush, otherwise you can fasten the harness incorrectly – and the belt will be unbuttoned. It is important that the dog was comfortable. Between the body of the animal and the belt should be palm.

If a towing harness is used, the main belt should be directly on the front of the chest. This will allow you to evenly distribute the load. The ring should not then be located at the withers. It will upset the balance. The ring in the towing strap must be secured to the dog’s croup. It is attached by post-hems or slides along them. This nuance depends on the design features.

If guard patches are used (mainly in puppy age), it means that the design is focused on protecting the neck from injury. These collars are different position of the chest belt. It is placed directly between the front legs of the dog. The leash is attached to the rings directly above the withers of the pet. Buying a harness, it is important to check the ring. It is advisable to pay attention to the place of attachment, and to the connection of the straps at the withers.

Choosing a harness, you need to decide on its purpose. Lightweight nylon harnesses are suitable for towing. They do not have additional rings and buckles. However, a cable is provided for fasteners. For classes with pets, it is better to choose leather belts. Their buckles are sturdy, and their belts are wide. Rivets must hold tight. It is important to pay attention when putting on. Belts must be carefully sewn, and the rings must be firmly soldered. Suitable and a combination of leather and nylon. It is easier and cheaper.

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Miniature doggie with a thin neck and a delicate neck instead of collars, it is better to wear velor straps. They can be decorated with crystals or rhinestones.


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