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How To Put A Harness On The Dog Correctly

When buying a harness that has a complicated type of weave, the owner still does not understand how to use it correctly and put on a pet. Usually the harness looks like a leash, which is combined with the belt, rolling over the entire area of ​​the pet’s upper chest.

Variety of shlek for dogs

There are several types of shlek which intend for dog walking:

  1. Standard type It can be called a harness for a simple walk and pet walking. The ring that secures the leash is in the area of ​​the blades. This device has a minimum number of different belts that can be used for walking with dogs of small breeds. For breeds of large size should choose harness that have a large number of straps.
  2. Towing type. Such harness is used at the time of the competition. Also, the device of this form can be found on dog sledding. The main feature of this type can be called the presence of a large number strong and wide belts and various fasteners.
  3. Harness – weighting. This type is used if it is necessary to train the dog or strengthen its muscles and gain muscle mass. Such devices are mainly used in the recovery period after a pet’s illness, for example, after injuries, fractures and dislocations.

How to put a harness on a dog?

Canine advise from the first months after the birth of a puppy to throw a harness on him. So, young puppies best and fastest will get used to the new thing that will appear in their lives, remember it. Therefore, with gradual maturity, the harness will not cause discomfort or fear in the dog.

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But in order to accustom the adult to a simple harness, you will need to spend a little more effort and patience. From the very beginning, it is better to wear a device only at home. As soon as the dog can fully get used to this device, the owner can move on to the stage of keeping the dog in a leash. After the operations performed, you should practice with the dog outside the house. To do this, on the street should choose a special place where there will not be a large number of people, foreign pets, as well as noisy transport.

How to wear a harness?

  1. If your dog has a difficult character and makes it difficult to put on any device, then should hold pet’s torso between your knees and at the same time try to correctly straighten the harness so that its soft side is directed inward.
  2. Before this process, a ring should be put on the neck of the dog, which will be closed (the size of the ring on the neck can vary considerably in different breeds of dogs).
  3. Next, you should expand the seat connecting the strap and the closed part of the ring so that it is in the throat area.
  4. After that, move the strap to the mark you need, thereby limiting the free area between the pole and the closed ring.
  5. Thread the pet’s right forepaw into the free space between the strap and the closed ring. So, it will be seen that the attachment passes through the chest, and the right paw is in the device.
  6. So, you will have only one empty end, which will need to lead the dog’s left paw.
  7. After the done manipulations, you can safely fasten the strap. The dog should be put in a straight position and fix the closed ring in such a way that it does not interfere with and does not squeeze the dog’s neck, but at the same time fits it well. You should also take another look at the jumper located in the chest, it should be in a steady state.
  8. Try to tighten well strap, in the opposite case, the dog will easily get rid of badly fastened straps.
  9. Then you can attach the leash to the carabiner, adjust the position and stretch of the strap itself and quietly go for a walk with your pet.
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How to put a harness on a dog?

The types and forms of devices differ from each other. Usually they look like a leash, an associated strap and passing through the front area of ​​the pet’s chest. This design will help stop your pet if he wants to jerk sharply or run to the side. Harnesses are riding, coupling and even guard.

How To Put A Harness On The Dog Correctly

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