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How To Sew A Dog Harness For it Yourself

Having brought the puppy home, we look at this cute creature with awe, even without immediately realizing how much trouble and care a soft ball of wool will bring to our daily life. We must make it safe and comfortable. And security begins with the simplest – with a leash and harness.

The main advantages of the leash

The harness is a leash consisting of two belts passing through the chest of the dog and connected between the forelimbs and on the back of the animal.

After all, a pet needs not only daily care and walks. Now the responsibility for his life lies entirely on us. Properly organized leash and adjusted length will allow the animal and its owner to feel comfortable, calm and confident while walking in the fresh air.

Properly selected or self-made harness during the walk does not press on the dog’s throat, like a collar. It evenly distributes the load on the dog’s skeleton, thereby allowing the animal feel comfortable and calm. At the same time, the accessory allows the owner to control the pet and lock it in the desired position if necessary.

Various product options

Trying to provide maximum convenience and safety, caring breeders have come up with several options for long leashes, dividing them by purpose. Therefore, they distinguish the following types:

How To Sew A Dog Harness For it Yourself

for walking. These harness are for small breeds, such as dachshund, spitz, etc., and for large breeds;

  • for riding in a harness and towing;
  • leashes with weights (weights), which are used to train and maintain the physical shape of a dog;
  • created for auxiliary medical purposes, the task of which is to remove the load from the pet’s limbs to the maximum;
  • for puppies up to 6 months, warning of dislocation of the paws and promoting the development of the pectoral muscles of the animal.
  • Also, these products are designed to take into account the individual characteristics of the age and breed of dogs, this is taken into account in the form of leads.

    Therefore, the configuration they are:

    • H-shaped. They are two loops that are put on the head and front legs. A strap is sewn between the loops.
    • Reminding 8. They are very similar to the previous ones, except that they have no bar. It is believed that this model is the safest, as it prevents the dog from choking.
    • Vests.
    • V-shaped. They are on the back of the dog resemble the letter V.

    A variety of forms will allow you to choose a form for your pet that will not hamper it in movements, crush and cause other inconveniences, while maintaining the maximum level of security.

    Excellent collar replacement

    How To Sew A Dog Harness For it Yourself

    Why do you need a harness, since there is a collar? – Some novices are surprised. And this question can be answered like this: on the contrary, why a collar, since there is such a beautiful shingles leash? After all, this product was invented in exchange for the ancient cruel collar. After all, a pet much more convenient and comfortable with just such an innovative solution, than with the embarrassment of the throat and such an important section of the vertebrachka as the neck, with a collar.

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    Moreover, taking responsibility for the animals, the owner is obliged to monitor his health.

    A collar can cause injury to the musculoskeletal system, so experts advise to stop it on the tine leash.

    This type of control is as safe and convenient for the animal.

    The following advantages of such reference are noted:

    • Pets retain a good-natured mood, because they do not experience discomfort;
    • This product can be made by hand;
    • convenient for both the pet and its owner.

    For the sake of justice, it’s worth mentioning the shortcomings that exist too, and you should be ready for them.

    These include:

    • pets quickly become accustomed to such comfort and, apart from the tarpaulin leash, they don’t want to put on anything else – neither the collar, nor the muzzle, if it is a large dog;
    • This kind of "dog outfit" is not designed for constant wear and is unsuitable for use in the apartment, it can only be worn.

    The disadvantages, of course, are weighty enough to think about what is better to choose for a pet.

    Here, the issue should be solved individually and independently by the owner, who knows his dog better than anyone else.

    If, nevertheless, the choice is made in favor of the shoring leash, then it’s time to figure out how to make it yourself.

    How to sew an accessory yourself

    Let’s turn to how to make a harness for the dog with his own hands. After all, to sew a harness under the force of anyone who wishes. Professionals can go ahead and pamper their pet with an unusual accessory that they have tied up with their own hands.

    1. Taking measurements by pet.

    Despite the chosen method of hand-made production of braces, to begin with taking measurements. Only correctly taken measurements will help to sew an accessory that is ideal for a pet.

    The chest girth is removed behind the dog’s front paws at the widest point. To the resulting value, you must add 2 centimeters to the free fit.

    The girth of the neck is determined in the place where the animal usually wears a collar.

    The length of the pet’s back is measured from the withers to the base of the tail.

    1. The choice of material for the product.

    Next step – material selection. Durability, wear resistance, softness and ease of cleaning – such requirements are imposed on the fabric for the strap.

    Cotton is considered the most suitable, flax – they breathe well, nylon is easy to clean and does not get wet, felt retains heat.

    Do not forget about the rings, buckles, carabiners and stickies, which will help the owner to easily remove and put the harness on the pet.

    1. Building patterns and tailoring products.

    After all the preparatory work, proceed to the construction of patterns of the product. Do not forget about seam allowances of 2 centimeters on all sides. The resulting pattern will form the basis of cutting the product on the fabric.

    For the convenience of wearing the harness, we cut out 2 parts of the soft lining (permissible and 1 part) separately from the base.

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    Of course, you can sew the parts with a needle and thread, but the product stitched on a sewing machine will look more accurate.

    Folding the lining in half, sew it around the perimeter. Attach the lining to the harness.

    Our creation is almost ready. It remains to attach in the area of ​​the back of the ring for easy fastening of the leash. It is recommended to attach parts. zigzag stitch. It allows you to firmly sew rings and fasteners, which take on the main load.

    Straps can also be equipped with clasps or velcro to adjust their length, if the pet is prone to fullness or is still growing. Well, when the harness exactly fits to the body of the dog. But you should pay attention to the fact that she did not cause discomfort to the dog, did not tighten his chest, did not dig into the body.

    It can be bad and uncomfortable for an animal even when the product straps sag. This, too, can injure a pet or provoke a situation when it escapes and is in danger, or when the straps dangle under his paws.

    To make sure that the stitched product meets the safety requirements for wearing, you can use the following verification method: just stick your hand between the harness and the body of the dog. If it passes freely, the product succeeds. Do not despair in the case when something went wrong, as intended. After all, everything can start over. No wonder popular wisdom says: "The first pancake is a lump." If the creative fuse left the craftsman, then in the workshop they will help to turn his dream into reality.

    A separate recommendation for those who chose leather as a material. As you know, this material is perfectly stretched. Then, if an error was made in the calculations and the product “pinches” the pet, you can save the fruit of your labors and try to stretch the product. This can be done in several steps:

    • place the product in water for 20-30 minutes;
    • after removing it from the water and winding the tension on any cylindrical surface (but not on the battery) without soaking, you can use a bucket or canister for this purpose, if the surface is narrow, like a pipe, the product will eventually be "curly" and will create a pet inconvenience;
    • when the skin dries, it will need to be thoroughly lubricated with shoe polish or other technical thick fat.

    The only disadvantage of this way to save the product is the likelihood that the belt will turn out to be too thin and may eventually crash into the skin of the furry friend.

    Unusual dogs for pets

    This is the so-called waistcoats. These unconventional accessories have recently been widely used during the cold season. They serve not only as a restraining device, but also warm the animal during frosty days. Such harnesses are simple to manufacture.

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    Pattern products one-piece. It can be easily found on the Internet. It is easily customized to the size of the pet. In order not to spoil the material, it is recommended to customize the pattern on the fabric, which is not a pity to spoil.

    After the pattern is adjusted in all respects, it can be transferred to the main fabric. Pattern bend along in case it is full. We fold the material in half and apply the middle of the pattern to the fold of the fabric. Along the contour of the pattern we mark the fabric, taking into account the fact that the pattern already takes into account the allowances for free fit.

    Do not forget that the vest is sewn on the lining, therefore, for the seamy side, we select soft, warm, natural or breathing synthetic fabrics. Flax or cotton will work well.

    We fold the main and lining fabric with the front sides to each other. We stitch a harness around the contour, leaving a small area unstitched on the breast. We will turn out the product through it. The remaining unsewn area imperceptibly sew hands.

    After all the seams are stitched, Velcro stitches are stitched to the strap at the neck and chest, which regulate the fit of the strap.

    On the back of the two ringlet will serve as a place for fastening the leash. It is most convenient to fasten the rings on the band, which is very easy to attach to the back of the vest. So the product will look aesthetically pleasing.

    Different types of finishes

    The uniqueness of the harness will give the finish. Fantasy master can turn an ordinary object into a masterpiece. Rhinestones, bows, appliqués, embroidery appropriate in harness for small dogs, self-made.

    Decorations give the product and pet a glamorous look. But when finishing, for example, braces for a shepherd dog, you can use blocks and buttons for your own hands. Such a shleya, as well as its owner, will acquire a brutal, strict look.

    Large and strong animals can be "rewarded" with harness, supplied with weighting. This accessory is often used for lack of muscle mass. Cargo harness helps her restore and strengthen the dog’s back. It is better to entrust these stitches to professionals to sew, since in their manufacture it is necessary to take into account a large number of various nuances that allow the four-legged friend to safely operate the harness.

    After all, an incorrectly distributed load can cause irreparable harm to a pet. And only an expert knows how to sew a harness for a dog, maintaining its health and activity.

    Now any dog ​​owner knows how to make a harness with his own hands. A little patience – and the dear darling will receive a gift from the beloved master, who will accompany him for a long time for a walk or during training. Even sled dogs will feel comfortable in harness, which the owner has made with his own hands.

    These recommendations can benefit from the use and cat lovers who prefer to stuffy house street.


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