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Purpose Of Dog Harness And Diy Workshop

Purpose Of Dog Harness And Diy Workshop

Many owners complain that the pet is very restless behaves on a walk, all the time pulling on a leash or just trying to pull it out of his hands. The problem of such temperamental behavior will be solved by a harness for dogs.

What is a harness

Why precisely Harness, not a collar

How to choose the right harness

Rules for putting on pet harness

How to make a harness with your own hands

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What is a harness

Initially, the progenitor of the harness was used in dog sledding. Today, the harness looks like two leather belts running through the chest and through the body and connecting along the ridge and between the front legs.

Experts have shown that the harness for dogs is much better than the collar. It correctly and harmoniously distributes the load throughout the skeleton, and also the pet feels relaxed and calmer in it, while the owner can lock the dog in the right position at the right moment.


If the original harnesses were used only in sled dog sledding, today their use has expanded. Many owners prefer harness, as it is designed for more reliable control over the dog, while not irritating its pressure on the throat. However, if your pet is poorly brought up, then with a harness the pet will show its character and will also break free, as with a collar.

Purpose Of Dog Harness And Diy Workshop

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Why precisely Harness, not a collar

Many say that dogs walking on a harness have fewer problems with the locomotor system, and they are much friendlier.

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The advantages of the harness include:

  • opportunity to sew it with your own hands,
  • convenience of intercepting an animal in an emergency.

The disadvantage: quick addiction, which does not allow to go to the collar, especially for large dogs. Pet can not always be in the harness, it is only an accessory for a walk or a workout.

How to choose the right harness

We chose the harness, and suddenly faced with their huge variety.

Let’s figure out how to choose a harness for a dog correctly:

  1. The determinant for what it is needed, using classification.
  2. Choose the right size.
  3. Material and feature fasteners.
  4. Learn to wear an accessory. It is necessary to put on carefully and not to create bad feelings to the puppy.


The whole product must meet several conditions:

  1. The material is soft, well washable, high quality.
  2. All fasteners fit well in belts and do not create discomfort when wearing or wearing.
  3. Belts are better to choose leather with the possibility of fitting the size.

The size

To make it convenient for your pet, you need to choose the right harness size.

To do this, we measure the dog:

  • the back is from the withers to the start of the tail;
  • chest girth, measured in the widest place, and always added 2 cm;
  • neck, at the location of the collar.

When you purchase braces you will be given a special size chart. If your dog does not fall under a certain size, it is better to choose more.


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