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Riding Harness For Dogs

Driving harness for sled dog teams – what are and how to choose?

In order for the sled dog to participate in competitions and attend training sessions, she will need special ammunition. In particular, this harness for sled dogs. They minimize the risk of harm to the health of the animal during high physical exertion. Riding sports enthusiasts should also take care of acquiring harnesses for sledding.

Varieties of riding shlek

In comparison with conventional models, the main distinguishing feature of any riding belt is the straps, which do not interfere with free breathing and do not squeeze the dog’s shoulder joints during movement. Such ammunition is equipped with additional fastenings, by means of which the animal is attached to the harness.

Basically harnesses for sled dogs are made of polyethylene, nylon or nylon. Each of the presented materials is waterproof and perfectly cleaned from any contamination.

Driving harness are:

  • Shortened. Such models are intended for:
Riding Harness For Dogs
  • H-shaped stitches. Such a model is considered more preferable and is used mainly for sledding dogs in sleighs, as it allows to distribute a large load throughout the body. The end of such ammunition coincides with the base of the tail, where the mount for the tie is provided. As a result, the pull is horizontal and the dog pulls the load at tail level. The load on the shoulders and chest is evenly distributed, and the harmful effect on the back is significantly reduced.

Basically, riding harnesses are acquired for such breeds as: Malamute, Husky, Husky, Samoyed dog. But there are also non-standard models that are designed specifically for non-riding breed animals – Labrador, German Shepherd.

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Choosing a riding harness correctly

Buy a harness for growth – a big mistake!

Such ammunition should be fully consistent with the size of the animal and fit the back when pulling. For each breed, its anatomical features are taken into account. Properly set sizes will help with the choice of the desired option.

To do this, take measurements:

  • from the front edge of the scapula to the base of the tail;
  • from the cervical region – in the widest place;
  • chest – measurement of the widest part of the chest.
Riding Harness For Dogs

It is also important to determine the weight of the pet.

Trying on the harness, pay attention to the tight fit to the dog’s body. It should fit snugly around the neck, but there should be two fingers between the strap and the neck. Prefer a reliable design with strong carbines and the fixing belts.

It is important that the brakes are damped., and at the start there was a soft tension. The inner surface of the strap should be smooth and soft to avoid damage to the hair and rubbing of the skin. The most popular material is nylon. Prefer bright colors, so that the dog can be distinguished in conditions of poor visibility.


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