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Siberian Husky – Dog For Sledding

Siberian Huskies take to be called among the most popular sled dogs. However, not only these dogs became famous for this …

Just look at this lovely face, these loyal eyes, this luxurious fur … well, how can you not fall in love with such beauty?

Since ancient times, these dogs were known to the locals of Siberia. The indigenous peoples of the northern territories of Eurasia used these sled dogs for movement in teams.

Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Siberian Husky with heterochromia.

Only here in the summer, when the snow melted, and the sleigh stood idle, they forgot to forget about the Huskies too … unfairly, wasn’t it? That is why dogs were forced to survive in conditions of natural selection. Years passed … Siberian huskies lived and formed the breed, as they say, by themselves.

Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Husky – a dog to ride.

By the middle of the 20th century, with the penetration of the "benefits of civilization" into the "plagues" of the northern peoples, the need to ride backgammon almost disappeared. What happened to the sled dogs who had long served the Chukchi faithfully? Have they disappeared? Unfortunately, on our continent this is exactly what happened, the Huskies almost completely ceased to exist. Only the population of Alaska preserved representatives of this breed. It was from these places and the revival of the Husky. By the way, that is why the breed is called this way: from the distorted word “eski” (short for “Eskimos”).

Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Siberian Huskies are divided into three types.

At one time, athletes who took part in dog sledding races paid attention to these dogs. Today there are three varieties of Siberian Husky breed:

  • Sports Huskies (for participation in competitions).
  • Working Huskies (for the team).
  • Show Huskies.
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About the appearance of the Siberian Husky … these dogs seem oversized due to increased furiness, in fact, their size is not so great. The height at the withers of an average Siberian Husky dog ​​is 60 centimeters. This fluffy northerner weighs up to 28 kilograms. Outwardly, these dogs are very similar to their distant ancestors – wild wolves. Like other breeds of this type (for example, Malamutes), huskies are well suited for living in regions with low temperature conditions.

Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Siberian Huskies are one of the representatives of the northern breeds of dogs.

The head of a husky has an average size. The ears are straight, they are triangular in these dogs. But a very interesting feature of dogs of this breed is their eyes. They can be, in addition to brown, sky-blue hue. Sometimes there is a phenomenon called heterochromia, and the dog’s eyes can be blue or brown.

The Siberian Husky has a very thick coat. Colors acceptable for this breed: white, black, gray. The most common coloring is considered to be a combination: combining both black, gray and white. And there are also white huskies with brown inserts.

Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Huskies are frisky dogs.

These dogs are distinguished by good nature, mobility, agility. They are wonderful companions of their masters, they know how to be loyal and faithful. In these dogs completely absent aggressiveness and anger. Have you already thought about getting a Siberian Husky dog? Before you make a final decision, read the recommendations about who is advised to buy Huskies and who is not.

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Siberian Husky - Dog For Sledding

Huskies are not suitable for protection, they are not aggressive.


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