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Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

Existing types of product

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

In an effort to create their pets maximum comfort and safety, manufacturers have tried to diversify the range of leads. They are divided by purpose of use into the following types:

  • Walking – for small breeds of dogs, like dachshunds and Spitz, and for large ones.
  • Driving – used as a harness or for towing something.
  • Orthopedic – used for medical purposes to reduce the load on the limbs.
  • Sparing – for small dogs and puppies up to six months of age.

Still similar products differentiate on the age qualification and a pedigree accessory of four-footed friends. Therefore, there are differences in the form:

  • In the form of the letter H – consist of two loops, worn around the neck and front legs. Between them is fixed connecting strap.
  • Like the eight (8) – outwardly similar to the previous version, but there is no intermediate bar. The model is the safest for the animal, as it eliminates the risk of suffocation.
  • The harness-vest – at the same time acts as the lead and the warming clothes.
  • In the form of a sign V – on the back has a V-shaped cut.

Such a variety allows dog breeders to choose the best option that would be convenient for their pet with the maximum level of security.

Preparatory work

In order for the stitched dog harness to comply with all parameters and not squeeze the neck during a walk, it is necessary to approach the creative process properly from the beginning. Term of manufacture of the product depends on personal mood, amount of free time and functionality. But usually it takes a few hours.

  • measuring device;
  • scissors;
  • sticky strap;
  • needle with thread;
  • leash;
  • Accessories: rings, carbines, velcro, clasps.

First, take measurements from the ward:

  • chest measurement;
  • neck circumference;
  • back length

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

To the obtained value of the girth of the sternum add 2 cm to the allowance, so that the accessory does not fit too tightly to the body.

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After choose the material for sewing. If the harness is designed to ride, then the fabric should be strong and durable (leather or nylon is recommended). Under the bottom it is desirable to sew a lining. Felt is sewn in for the winter version. For the usual walk is suitable soft material and tape.

Tailoring of harness

A harness in the form of a vest is usually used for small dogs and puppies, as it is softer and more comfortable. In such an ammunition, the animal will not suffer, even if it jerks abruptly during fright or in an effort to run somewhere.

At the end of the preparatory phase proceed to cutting the future of the product. When sketching patterns on paper, do not forget to leave 2 cm in reserve on all sides. In addition to the base make the same item or two for a soft lining. Cut fabric blanks.

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

You can sew the parts manually, but machine lines will look neater.

How to sew a dog harness for dogs:

A long leash is fastened to the ring. As the pet grows, straps are attached to the ends of the product instead of lindens, which can also be equipped with velcro to adjust the size.

It is important that the vest is not too tight to the body, which can cause discomfort to the dog. The straps should not sag, otherwise the dog will inadvertently become entangled in them.

If leather was selected for tailoring and the finished product was not enough, then there is an opportunity to stretch it. Do this as follows:

  1. Immersed in water for half an hour.
  2. Take out and wrapped around any rounded object – banks, cans, buckets.
  3. After complete drying, the skin is treated with shoe polish or technical grease.

Making simple Harness

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

This option is popular among dog breeders in that it is convenient for walking four-legged pets. The model is easy to use – quickly worn and removed. Pattern harness for dogs with their own hands universal and suitable for animals of any configuration and size.

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They take the necessary measurements, according to them measure the tape (only multiply the required length by 2). Fold it in half.

Step by step instructions of the sewing process:

  1. Cut strips of fabric corresponding to the length of the ribbon.
    Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing
  2. Tissue strips are placed between two ribbon segments and scribbled.
  3. For durability, it is recommended to additionally walk along a zigzag stitch along the sides and center. Then fold the workpiece into a ring and sew the ends connected.
  4. Attach in the middle of the crossmember, to which is sewn from the bottom part, made as the top.
  5. From different sides, braces are made around a loop where a nylon rope is put in and tied into a knot – a carbine will be fixed there.

To get a strong product that can last for quite a long time, it is recommended to use lavsan threads and additionally stitch with a zigzag stitch.

Ride harness

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

The harness is designed for large breeds of dogs: Alabai, Malamutes or Huskies. Despite the more complex construction, it is really possible to sew it yourself. The principle of sewing such Harness different from the standard scheme. First you need to take the right measurements:

  • neck circumference – from withers to the keel (brisket);
  • length from withers to solar plexus on the chest;
  • body size – from the sternum to the sciatic nerve;
  • chest length

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

According to the parameters obtained make the pattern.

How to sew a harness for a dog with your own hands:

  1. The longest workpiece is twisted into a loop and is written on a typewriter where it intersects. In size, it should be a little more neck circumference in order to freely put on and take off.
  2. To the loop fix the straps fastened in the form of a triangle.
  3. The remaining parts are assembled already inside the frame by crossing.
  4. A fastener or belt with a metal buckle is attached to the side corners.
  5. A metal ring or leather loop is attached to the tail end.
  6. At the head attach a leash.
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This cut allows the harness to firmly encircle the body of the animal and not to crawl.

Material for the product pick up rugged to withstand excessive load. It can be: nylon, genuine leather or leather.

Finishing options

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

Exclusive trim will look. Decoration options are many, depending on the flight of the master’s fantasy. You can sew rhinestones, bows, decorative appliqués, embroideries to the product, or trim them with multi-colored ribbons. The combined compositions from fabrics of various texture and color look elegant. But such a decision is appropriate for small dogs – on big dogs such glamor will look ridiculous. For dogs, like shepherd dogs, it is permissible to decorate harness lines with buttons and key rings, which will give the wearer brutality.

Sling For A Dog With Their Own Hands Patterns, The Process Of Sewing

Often, weighting is attached to the harness. It is necessary for medical purposes when the animal is lacking muscle mass. Sinkers help strengthen the back. It is better to entrust this kind of product to a specialist to sew, since in the process it is important to observe many important nuances. Otherwise, wearing the wrong stitched accessory can damage the pet’s health.

Harness-leashes carry two functions at the same time – practical and decorative. If the jacket is warmed, the accessory can be turned into protective clothing for the dog during the cold seasons. And to sew such a useful thing for your pet will not be difficult, even without the skills of a seamstress. The process itself is simple in execution, and the patterns can be printed in finished form from the Internet.


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