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Teaching Dogs To Move In Harness

Necessary equipment. Collar, riding harness, long cord (replaces the leash), sledges, sledges, trolley or bicycle; an assistant is also required.

Skill value. Sled dogs are used in the Far North as a vehicle, and in all other cases it is a popular sport; In addition, dogs of different breeds were used during wars from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century to remove the wounded from the battlefield. In addition, running in teams improves the physical shape of dogs, especially those breeds that need active movement.

Skill development. Since the team usually consists of several pairs of dogs, their training begins with movement in a pair. Then add to the pair of other dogs.

Training lies in the fact that dogs get used to each other: they must be brought together to walk on long leashes, immediately ceasing attempts to fight among themselves. After this, the dogs are put on riding harnesses, harnessed them to light empty sleds (in winter) or a cart (in summer).

Dogs are taken to a flat road and at the first stage of schooling, their movement in one direction is achieved. To do this, an assistant must run in front of the dogs, showing them meat. The trainer keeps behind the dogs (his position depends on what they are harnessed to) and utters the command “Forward!” When they rush to catch up with the helper, pulling the supports. After this command is associated with movement in dogs with string stretched, the trainer sends them forward without an assistant.

Teaching Dogs To Move In Harness

When training northern sled or sanitary dogs, a kayur or leader sometimes uses a scourge, hitting them with sledges or snow near the team (in some cases, the dogs themselves). That is, whistling whip should serve as an additional team for running and adding speed. But he always follows the mechanical effect after the “Forward!” Command.

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Then stop is performed by the command “Stop!”. Passing in a straight line 200 – 300 m, the trainer slows down the sled or trolley, saying the command "Stop!". He reinforces stopping giving treats for dogs and the words "well, stand, well." At the same time, dogs are trained to turn. If it is necessary to turn, the trainer takes up the central belt of the team, says the command “Right!” Or “Left!”, Makes a gesture in the right direction and mechanically turns the dogs. Uses both the reinforcement of the words “good right, good left) and negative – (whip blow).

Then the task becomes more complicated: the number of dogs in the harness increases to the required, a load is placed in a sled, a sled or a trolley, the distance increases (from 300 m to several km). The size of the load, distance and speed increase gradually as a result of daily workouts.

A team is considered ready for use if the dogs clearly carry out all the commands: “Forward!”, “Stop!”, “Right!”, “Left!”, And can also travel a considerable distance with the load.


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