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We Select Harness For Dogs Correctly

A dog needs to feel the support of its owner, and a person should pamper his animal, select the best options for him to bring pleasure, both to himself and to the dog. During the walk, the dog trains the coordination, actively rests, but the owner must be careful that the dog does not attack people. To do this, invented the harness, which, unlike the collar, more effectively control the movement of the dog.

What to look for when choosing?

To understand how to choose a harness, you need to immediately inspect your pet: size, mobility, how calm / aggressive he is. But in general, when choosing, you need to consider several components at the same time in order to avoid a mistake:

  • Material. The harness should be made of durable material, but at the same time elastic, so as not to strangle the dog. In addition, it would be nice if the material was not the reason for the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  • Mount. Ideally, there should be several mounts, knots that hold the entire accessory. This will not enslave the movement of the dog, but will be a reliable support in case the dog starts to pull out.
  • The size. The harness must necessarily fit in size; this is the main condition for comfort and control. To verify this, stick your hand into the hole between the body and the harness. If it passes with slight discomfort, then the size is suitable. In general, before you buy, measure the anthropometric data of the dog: volume of the chest, neck, distance from withers to hind legs.
We Select Harness For Dogs Correctly

To choose the right, you need to know the types:

  1. Walking The main mission of such a harness is to sit comfortably on the body of a dog while walking. They are made of leather, as a rule, but there are cases of nylon shleek.
  2. For small dogs. Despite the fact that experts do not recommend wearing a heavy machine on a young dog, no one talked about small dogs in natural terms. Young dogs still live without a formed muscular corset and bones, but such harnesses are perfect for pugs, toy terrier and other small breeds.
  3. For big dogs. They are not much different from ordinary ones, but they sit much more tightly and fasten on the rib cage.
  4. Indicative. Created exclusively to create a model, almost nothing is kept, and decorated with various patterns and shades.
  5. Vest. This is rather a garment accessory, rather than a holder. Let him slow down a pet, but the main function is to warm up her body during walks.
  6. Therapeutic. Delays the dog, does not allow him to make sudden movements, but it does not press.
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How to wear?

A standard harness consists of several belts and is easily worn on the dog’s torso. It is desirable that the dog was in a sitting state. Throw the buckle so that the vertical part of the belt is fixed on the chest. Then on the sides of the harness paws are thrust, it closes and you can attach the leash.

Top Brands

Having decided on the purpose of purchase, you can choose the best option. Immediately it is important to remember that it is optimal to take a harness with metal buckles that regulate the length. First, they just do not put pressure on the neck, but lengthen by a certain distance, moreover, the design itself is much more reliable.

Ideally, it is necessary that the accessory does not crawl during the movement, in any case did not press on the neck, and was fixed on the chest. And so that everything looks and keeps rationally – there should be a longitudinal fixation on the back, it is part of the strap.

Quality products are produced by the brand “Collar” – the harnesses look stylish, the client can choose from a sea of ​​shades. Rhinestones are served as decorations, which is equally important, the product is made of genuine leather, optimally suitable for small and medium dogs. The width reaches 12 millimeters, the leash stretches to 120 cm, the volume for the chest is 45 cm. One of the few drawbacks is the plastic mount, even if the device is made for small dogs, but even in this case the plastic is not very reliable. Such a harness is inexpensive – up to 850 rubles.

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Our readers recommend Easy Walk Corrective! Made of durable material, and its feature is that it safely keeps the dog from sharp jerks forward. Thus, the animal learns from the bad habit of running away while walking, without harm to the musculoskeletal system.

The Ferplast brand is an even more effective option – Italian production, nylon material that can not be deformed by dog ​​bites, does not collapse under the influence of teeth and does not shrink after washing.

A little about exclusive


In addition to the standard, there are alternatives needed for medical purposes. For example, a medical harness is attached to the body of a dog when it is restored after an injury. Her movements are not shy, but the harness adds integrity and structure to them – the dog will not twist its paw, it will not catch hold of the leash when it runs.


Particular attention should be paid to the waistband-vest: this accessory is most often dressed up on small dogs, or short-haired ones, since they freeze most quickly. The vest warms the body of the dog, fixing itself on the chest. They are made of nylon material, it is easy to wash, does not lose its elasticity, do not sit down. Does not cause allergies, irritation, and also does not collapse under the influence of the force of the jaw of the dog.


Decorative shows are more important at exhibitions: they actually do not guarantee the safety of a dog, they are suitable only for miniature dogs, and the material is usually based on inexpensive leather. By design, it resembles several leashes fastened with plastic adapters. Here elegance is more important – a small harness almost mixes with the body, giving the dog solidity. In addition, they are made with special shades and patterns to emphasize the style. With all this, they are more expensive – decorative from Ispet, for example, will cost 945 rubles.

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In the case of an ordinary dog ​​walking on the playground with other four-legged friends, it will be relevant to get a comfortable and plastic harness that will last at least several years and will not create additional problems for the owner.


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