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What Are The Harnesses For Dogs

I often advise the owners on the run to change the collar to the harness, but there are different models of shlek – how to choose the best? What to advise? Very often people buy a harness, even for a lot of money – and it turns out to be so uncomfortable that a dog cannot walk in it. And the owners are back to the collar again …

In this article, we will look at different types of harnesses and it will immediately become clear which stitch is “correct” and which is not, and why.

However, its toughness can make it uncomfortable for some dogs. It is also a practical and reliable seat belt with reflective ribbons on the chest belt and cutting edges. In addition, he has a handle on top to hold the dog tightly or to guide him.

In addition to offering all possible sizes in many colors, it offers the possibility of customizing the inscription on the velcro lying on the side. Why choose him: for his strength and resistance without flaws. It is also versatile and quickly worn, not to mention the many accessories that can be added for personalization.

When choosing a harness, you need to follow only a few simple rules, the most important of which is that the harness strap should not rest on the dog’s neck. If the dog starts wheezing and coughing when pulling the leash, it means that the harness presses on the trachea – there is no sense in such a harness, since its main difference from the collar is that the dog’s neck remains free and is not injured when the leash is pulled. It is best to choose a harness, the front belts of which lie on the sides of the dog’s neck, on the sternum in the form of a letter Y. The harness needs to be adjusted so that the belt connection is at the place where the shoulder blades converge and the chest bone begins. This place is easy to identify by simply feeling the dog. 🙂 The main thing is that the connection of the belts should not lie higher on the unprotected neck of the animal.

This is the ideal model if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive seat belt that fits all sizes. This provides minimal comfort for the dog with a practical binding on the back for a walk or a workout. When properly positioned, the harness does not exert any pressure on the throat, but it helps to keep the dog from tension, applying a slight compression of the chest, without causing him harm. This, therefore, is an educational type of harness ideal for walking, which unusually replaces a classic necklace at a very interesting price.

In addition, the harness straps should not hamper the movement of the dog while walking or running – the shoulder blades and shoulders should be free.

Ideal for a dog not to shoot too much, not choking. It is made of durable nylon denim style with a blue and red background, very stylish and durable.

  • The harness is suitable for all sizes and morphologies of the dog.
  • The leash mount is secured by two metal clasps.

This is a very good alternative, not expensive classical necklace, so that the dog did not shoot. This model is light and very comfortable for the dog! No bumps in the trachea, wide strips do not interfere with the movements, and the material used is very light and breathable.

The harness straps that are located behind the dog’s front legs must be at the distance of the palm width from the armpits, otherwise the harness will rub the skin when moving. It is necessary to adjust the harness in such a way that a palm passes between the straps and the body of the dog.

In order to prevent the harness from pulling on the dog’s neck when pulling the leash, it is necessary to have a spinal longitudinal strap. In this case, the attachment point of the leash should be located at the end of this belt, on the back of the dog, and not on the withers or on the chest.

What Are The Harnesses For Dogs

A dog can wear it for several hours of sharpening, without worrying about irritation or bathing with it, because it dries quickly. The motive is tied to the upper back very far back, allowing a uniform distribution of force to withstand high traction. The top handle is big enough and soft for a good hold. Security has also been thought out because reflective strips are placed on visible parts.

  • Two snap loops for easy operation.
  • A practical application of the upper leash.
  • Improved handle for better control.
  • Visible at night with reflective stripes.
  • The steady and breathing material is easily cleared.

Wiring harness allows a lot of use, being very convenient, especially for sports use.

And of course, an important condition – the harness should be sewn from soft but durable materials. On the street it is often dirty, especially in spring and autumn, the harness needs to be washed frequently, otherwise it will die and start causing discomfort to the dog. In addition, if the harness is made of cheap materials, the dog may tear it during a walk or play with other dogs. This is the moment that is not worth saving; quality things are not cheap, but their price over time pays off. In no case should not buy coarsely stitched harness, with protruding seams and rivets. Tarpaulins of leather and leather are not recommended – these are very tough and non-elastic materials that will rub the dog’s skin, spoil the coat (and in long-haired dogs, the wool may stray into mats). In addition, leather harnesses weigh a lot, which can also be uncomfortable for the dog. The harness should be light, to encircle the body of the dog softly and tightly, repeating its contours and not constraining movements. The straps should not be too wide (they will hinder movement of the dog) or too narrow (they will crash into the body when the leash is pulled).

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This is one of the best virtues. In education and in canine sports, material is often considered to be more than one imagination. Today we decided to make a small note about sledding. There are all kinds and forms, but for what? First of all, is it advisable to wear harness to your dog, rather than a classic necklace? In fact, it all depends on the dog, its reaction and its activities. My bitches wear a simple necklace for normal driving. Since they do not shoot, I don’t need any educational help, and also don’t give them much comfort in order not to step on the neck or push the trachea.

I think that now, looking at the photos below, you yourself can easily say what is wrong with the presented models of shleek.

Using your dog is not an obligation or prohibition, and you decide what is best for your dog. Walking sleds that can also serve as a harness. . They are practical for walking and hiking, allow you to attach the dog for short periods of time, leaving maximum comfort, or attach a cord to the back without passing under his front paws. They can also be used simply because they are beautiful and “dress well” to the dog! There are several types of seat belts suitable for walking and hiking.

This model has collected all the possible flaws in itself. 🙂 The horizontal belt lies right on the dog’s neck and will press under the tension of the leash. The back strap is missing, which will also contribute to moving the strap up, around the neck. At the same time, the belt that fits the chest, will leave the dog’s armpits and rub them. In addition, the connection of the belts lies on the shoulder blades, which will obviously constrain the dog when moving.

This provides minimal comfort for the dog, having a practical lug on the back for the lanyard. so he did not "cut" the dog in the event of a thrust. Some vets sometimes discourage it for puppies, because if they rely too much on him, it’s not very good for chest formation. Its large straps or front plate provide good comfort for the dog if it pulls a little.

However, be careful that the fabric is not too large so as not to disturb the dog or be too hot in summer. These are universal seat belts that provide good comfort for the dog. We advise them to walk for a long time, because they have the disadvantage of blocking the dog’s shoulders a little. Miette and his harness Julius K9 "in training" and "I love Canissimo."

This model does not have a lower belt running through the sternum – in this way the front ring will act as a collar. Buying such a harness does not make sense at all.

This harness, which covers the whole back and allows the master to free his dog, carrying it to overcome obstacles. With removable pockets, the dog can also carry light weights, because the load spreads over everything on the back there is a version that also holds the hind legs, very practical for old dogs suffering from the back train or large intersections of obstacles. Wiring harness long drive, with or without support belts for the hind limbs.

The leash can be attached to the front. Thus, when the dog pulls, it turns slightly to the side and has less power. Well used, this harness can quickly dissuade the dog from firing. You can also use a leash with two hooks for fastening to attach both in front and behind, and thus play on the balance and pose of the dog.

This type of harness is quite popular. However, there is the same problem as the first strap, which we considered – the front strap falls on the trachea, even when the leash is not tensioned. The lack of a spinal belt and belts on the shoulder blades also do not add comfort to this harness – it will interfere with the dog when walking and running.

Binding a belt for animals is higher than that of a hunt or a light stroke, and therefore blocks the dog’s shoulders. Used with a leash with two snaps, it allows you to play on the balance of the dog. According to some experts, he will have the advantage less to hinder the shoulders of the dog than the T-shaped belts. Unassuming harness. The wiring harness is connected to movable "strings" that tighten the dog’s legs when they are pulled out, and these safety belts have progressed, because now they are very soft, but they are, in my opinion, rather uncomfortable for the dog. even in the middle of the back, which makes driving uncomfortable.

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The same – the front strap presses on the dog’s neck. In general, this is a very common drawback of many models of shleyk – their manufacturers do not test, or what? In addition, this model has a very large surface area, which also constrains the dog, without adding comfort to it.

We do not like this type of seat belts. They are made to make dog-friendly, so you cannot use it as a training belt; this is very good for casual or regular canister practice. so that he does not squeeze the trachea too much when the dog is in a thrust. Traction harness . Net traction X behind. This shoulders and regular athletes. Cross-straps help distribute pressure throughout the chest and back, and a tie next to the tail provides better grip comfort.

Choose a well-padded shoulder strap. Fabien in a sleigh with his dogs. The harness of the dog has changed a lot. The evolution that follows dog sledding and dog sledding: new types of dogs, thus using a new morphology, a new technology that allows more comfort, durability, new kinds of sports that change the thrust axis.

Canvas harness with the same drawbacks as the third model. In addition, tarpaulin is a coarse material, it can rub the dog’s skin and roll wool into mats.

As a result, the offer of seat belts has improved significantly, but it also becomes more complex. In the same way as there are no shoes for all situations, belts are currently used for different purposes and especially for dogs of different types. What is the right harness for your dog?

Sport: sleigh, ski, canister, heavy draft, etc. goal: performance or leisure. Periodicity: every day, once a week, etc. Your dog’s morphology: dogs that have scored a “dog” have chests much more pronounced than others. The dog shoots his chest. A good seat belt provides all the mobility of the shoulders, shoulder blades and all its joints. It is adjusted so that the wiring harness is stable and in place and avoids friction. As each dog is different, ideally, each dog will have a regular harness.

This type of harness does not have a back belt, so when pulling the leash, they will lift up and put pressure on the dog’s neck. The material is very rough – thick skin, in addition, a lot of rivets and buckles, which can cause discomfort to the dog, rub the skin.

Of course, it is more expensive to buy, but cheaper than care, and the harness must survive in the dog. In any case, who wanted to play sports with inadequate or poorly suitable clothing? For nurseries, some manufacturers offer discounts when buying multiple items.

There are excellent Quebec manufacturers, a quick search on the Internet will reveal the main players, including. Dog harness is a lot of options and types. Who should know all this? Let’s tell you how to choose the right size, type and material for your pet.

It is especially suitable for travel and transportation. It has wider lanes than usual, so it does not hurt or cut when the car suddenly stops. The attitude usually has a look at the rear seat, which stretches the seat belt and snaps into place in the lock. You can also use it outside while walking, but only small breeds may think that it is a bit more spacious.

And this is the best harness 🙂 It is light, soft and durable, equipped with a longitudinal spinal strap and in the front is Y-shaped, so it will not put pressure on the dog’s trachea even with a strong leash tension. In addition, dog blades are free, so the harness will not hold down movements. Vega has just such a harness, the firm Haqihana.

If you are transporting a dog in a car without a box, do not use a collar instead of seat belts! A sharp stop or a fall from the seat can break his neck. It is currently very popular when your dog performs almost any sport. Running, swimming, biking or sliding – all require special equipment. These belts are sewn to put the least pressure on the neck, spread it on the chest and as comfortable as possible for the dog. But before you decide to limit the power of your loved one, think about whether he will train you more than you do with him.

There is such a variant of the harness – it is also “correct” in all respects and also has a soft supplement in the chest area. In such a harness, the dog will not feel discomfort even if it is strongly torn on a leash. This is especially true of females – a soft addition of the band will eliminate accidental injury to the mammary glands, which are located on the sides of the body almost to the very top of the breast. However, you need to carefully consider the regulation of the harness, so that the soft insert at the front should not be located on the trachea in any case (see photo above – incorrectly adjusted harness).

For large breeds, you first need to count on some dirt on the nose, before you meet two partners. There are many specialties that cannot be placed on the market. For example, belts with backpacks and memory, which can be used for classic walks, for sports and for long tours. A dog can carry his little equipment, including food. Some belts are called sports, but they can be used in summer for cooling if the dog wears them wet. For large breeds are popular seat belts, which have a handle on top.

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In conclusion, I would like to add that, of course, the harnesses of manufacturers such as Haqihana and Ferplast are not very cheap, but they will serve you faithfully for many years, so it will pay off with interest. Not to mention that your dog will feel comfortable and comfortable in them.

According to the materials of the article by Maria Oreshkova “Everything about a competent choice of braces”,

For this you can keep your dog while walking, and you do not need a leash. This method is especially appreciated by scientists for the thesis that the dog must stand up or be on vacation and listen. These seat belts offer incomparable shapes, colors and designs. Equipment surrounds the dog around the neck and chest. Then the tape is connected by two strips, and the leash is attached to the ring on the back. It can be said that she puts on her legs and simply turns behind the buckle buckle. Most likely, like rock climbing.

These belts can also be used for transportation. Just buy a simple grip that has one snapping hook on the seat belt and the other end that snaps into the seat belt buckle. Usually nylon is used as a material for its properties and variability in production. Sometimes it is complemented by a fabric with an ornament or different patterns. For sports and traveling belts, fleece or other soft materials such as padding are also often used. The strongest and highest quality belts are made of genuine leather.

Relatively recently, the owners used mainly collars for their walks with their pets, but today harnesses are becoming more and more popular. This product consists of belts that are mounted on the body of the dog, and not on its neck. Experts say that such ammunition is a more correct choice.

Advantage Harness

The main advantage of the strap is that during a sharp jerk, the neck of the animal is not compressed and is not injured. The dog does not wheeze, does not cough. In addition, this option is indispensable in a situation if the pet was injured in the spine.

Another plus is that dogs with a harness feel much looser and more relaxed while walking. True, they often behave worse than those individuals wearing collars.

Types of shlek

Thinking how to choose a harness for a dog, you need to know that there are several types of similar ammunition:

  • Casual , used for daily walks. Made from durable durable materials, most often leather or nylon. The design of such a product may be different, but usually it is a classic version. You can buy a good model on
  • For puppies. Canine experts do not advise to put on harnesses for babies, it is advisable to teach them to wear the product after reaching half a year. The reason is that the puppy body is not yet formed. The model must fit the figure.
  • For miniature dogs. Most often harness used for this category. If you intend to lift the pet by the belts, it is better to choose a model with handles on the back.
  • For large individuals. Until recently, it was believed that such animals should walk only with a collar. Today, products are developed that do not allow a pet to pull the leash, so the walk becomes comfortable.
  • Exhibition. In fact, they are decorative, made of thin round belts, have expensive fittings and decorations.
  • For sled dogs. They are characterized by a special design, usually nylon or canvas are used for the manufacture of products.
  • Freight. Used for training pets.
  • Harness-vest. Most often such models are miniature dogs or smooth-haired breeds. Need for warming the animal for a walk.
  • Medical. Used for walking injured dogs.

How to choose the harness

When selecting a product you need to follow a few rules:

  • The material from which it is made should be soft, but at the same time durable.
  • It is better to choose a model that has several fasteners. While dressing the pet should not feel discomfort.
  • The harness should fit snugly, but not squeeze the pet’s body. To check whether the size is chosen correctly, one should push the palm between the dog’s body and the ammunition, it must be passed freely.

Before buying, you need to remove measurements from your pet. Need to know:

  • distance from the base of the withers to the tail;
  • neck volume;
  • chest volume, measured behind the front paws. To the value obtained, you need to add two centimeters for free fitting.

When choosing a model, you must take into account the temperament and breed of the pet.

How to wear a harness

The method of donning depends on the specific model. To wear a classic product, you need to stand behind a standing or sitting dog. The harness is put on the head of the animal, while the buckle must be undone. The vertical belt is located on the chest.

Then one paw is pushed into the corresponding hole. Buckle strap should be skipped under the second paw, and then fasten both straps. You need to make sure that the harness does not unfasten, the ring is on the back of the animal. After that, you can wear a leash and go for a walk.


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