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What Is A Harness For York Dogs

Why it is better not to use a collar? What are the advantages of Harness? Why does the dog pull the leash and what to do with it?

You have probably thought about the fact that a dog is better – a harness or a collar. Many still solve this issue, guided, as a rule, only by their own taste. However, there are already sufficiently objective data on the basis of which the collar can safely be considered a relic of the past.

First of all – and you yourself can easily verify this by wearing a collar on your own neck or arm and pulling it – the collar causes pain. The dog feels this pain on one of the most important parts of the body – on the throat. She can cause a dog panic. Some believe that the pressure of the collar on the neck imitates the behavior of a she-wolf who brings up her puppies with such methods. However, this is not true – wolves (and dogs) are very protective of the neck and throat, and any pain in this part of the body is perceived by them as a threat to their own life. They kill their victim by grabbing her neck.

Each of us had to observe dogs, which from the strong pressure of the collar begin to wheeze and gasp. Studies have shown that stress on the throat, cervical vertebrae and the muscles of the back of the animal lead to diseases of the back, headache and dizziness. The dog must endure this pain because it cannot report it. And if the dog has behavior problems associated with this pain, the dog itself must again be responsible for them (see [1])!

When using a well-fitting harness, the entire load is transferred to the chest of the dog. Unloading of the spine is important for all dogs, especially if they suffer from diseases of the joints (dysplasia of the hip joints, spondylosis, etc.) or if they have an excessively long spine (for example, taxis, basset, etc.)

Increased safety during walking: the back strap of the harness is convenient in order to quickly and firmly grab the dog, if necessary. In this case, the dog itself will be pleased that she was grabbed by a belt on her back, and not by a collar (the dog would feel severe pain from pressure on the throat), especially if the dog is old, sick, or very sensitive. At the same time, the probability of dislocating a hand from jerking a dog for a leash is much less.

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If the dog gets into a difficult situation (for example, he cannot get out of the ditch on his own), it is easier to grab and safer by the harness than by the collar.

About leash length

Going out into the street, the dog, just like the owner, is exposed to stimuli, which cause its natural physiological and psychological reactions. Many owners ignore this fact and demand from the dog unconditional obedience according to the principle “a dog must obey without question!”

It is believed that the dog should always go "randomly!". Running the team "Near" the owners declare the most important rule of obedience during the walk and pay a lot of attention to teach their dog to this team, using a short leash as a tool.

Most owners are accustomed to just pull the dog for themselves. For this, a short leash, of course, is more convenient than a long one. You yourself would hardly have liked it if, while walking with a friend, turning aside every time, he would, without saying a word, push you in the right direction. At the same time, if you did not understand him, he would have tugged at your neck and scolded you. For our dogs, a walk on a leash — especially on a short one — looks that way!

Stress is added to this, as the dog experiences a whole range of problems of a different kind, which we almost never think about. So begin the dog’s behavior problems on a walk.

Tell me honestly, have you ever wondered how long the leash should be? No matter how I watched walking dog lovers, I got the impression that many of them do not care how long the leash is and how much free space they leave to the dog.

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In fact, the length of the leash plays a big role – for the owner, and for the dog. With the help of such seemingly small things as a leash, we can create a whole bunch of problems without noticing it!

1. On a short leash, a dog pulls more than a long one: an animal wants to smell something, then consider some detail, then leave its mark. It should be noted that the ability to receive information through smells and label the territory is one of the most important components of a dog’s communication with the outside world. Therefore, all the time she will instinctively try to accomplish this and in between times learn to pull the leash even harder.

What Is A Harness For York Dogs

2. Sometimes the dog simply does not have enough space to maintain a certain distance from the owner, other dogs and other objects. For a dog, this distance is extremely important – just as you yourself will have an unpleasant feeling if a person comes close to you or if you are forced to get too close to any object that inspires fear in you. No one except yourself can determine this distance. The owner also can not identify her for his dog.

3. Seeing other dogs, your pet will want, if not to say hello, then at least politely walk past. In the language of dogs, this means approaching at a certain speed in an arc, and not frontally. When approaching the dog must always let each other know that they have peaceful intentions. For this they use a whole set of reconciliation signals. For example, they lick, look away, slow down the pace [2].

If the owner keeps the dog on too short a leash, pulls him and prevents him from observing all these rituals, he creates a stressful situation for both dogs, which can lead to an unexpected, aggressive reaction for the owners. In response, the owners will punish and scold their dogs.

If such meetings occur frequently, the dog may develop an aggressive attitude towards the congeners, especially if they are on a leash. For the owner and the dog walks will be a source of stress. The walk will turn into a cycle of aggression and punishment.

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4. A short leash, especially when combined with a collar, is a kind of noose for an animal. It is in this combination that the dog receives by means of jerks for a leash the strongest pressure on the throat, cervical vertebrae and neck muscles. According to research results (see the book [1]) in 70% of dogs, such jerks lead to back pain and behavior problems.

5. Many people believe that the team "Near" and jerking over a short leash, they can quickly and effectively urge the dog to obedience, but it will only be nervous, afraid to be punished.

We need to think about the fact that the leash is not a “control lever” for a dog. This is just a means of controlling the animals in places where, for whatever reason, they cannot run freely. A dog, well accustomed to approaching the call, will follow you if you just call for it. Consequently, on a leash such a dog can be kept without physical effort and stress.

Try it yourself: take a lead in 3 or more meters and try to communicate with the dog whenever it has to change direction. This communication should include only a tender call and contact by a look. Then the dog will learn to follow you regardless of the length of the leash and will do it with pleasure. This way of communication can be trained at home. For this it is enough to gently call the dog every time and reward her for paying attention to you. At the second stage of training you should try to teach the dog to follow you. If a calm and trusting relationship has developed between you and the dog, the success of the training is guaranteed. Surprisingly, after some time, “contact walks,” as the experts call them, will become an additional thread connecting you with your dog!

Of course, it also happens that a dog during a walk is too irritated, overly active, and violently reacting to any stimulus. Then, before you study contact walks, you need to understand the reasons for her excited state for a walk and eliminate them [3, 4].

Author: Olga Kazharskaya, Dogfrends Publishers.


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