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What Is Different Harness For Cats And Dogs

Harness Rainbow

Harness for cars

Harness for puppies red

Harness – part of dog equipment

A harness for a dog consists of a strap running between the front legs, which is connected to a belt attached around the belt.

What Is Different Harness For Cats And Dogs

The harness on the collar is different in load distribution. In situations where the animal abruptly begins to tighten the leash, the neck will not be squeezed, and the dog gasp and cough. However, puppies of some breeds up to 2 years old are not allowed to use harnesses, because in the first years they have a skeleton formation. Earlier wearing of the strap may cause problems with the limbs and spine. But if the vet recommends that you buy a harness for your pet, it is best to choose the lightest – without weights around the neck. Take your choice very seriously, as your dog’s health and mood will depend on it.

When buying Harness pay attention to the material – preference is given to soft and smooth. A harness that fits in size is not too tight and does not squeeze the spine. With proper fitting, it sits so that the hand can effortlessly pass between the body of the dog and the straps.

What Is Different Harness For Cats And Dogs

Most often, thin shleyi wear decorative dogs with thin necks, such as a toy terrier, Yorkshire terrier or chihuahua. Holders with thick and massive necks (French bulldog, pug) are recommended to have braces with wide straps.

When choosing Harness consider:

• size, temperament and weight of the pet.

• the straps should not be too free – the animal can slip or take off an item of equipment, but at the same time it should not be pressed and pressed, but be 2 cm lighter than the body,

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• if your dog often comes in contact with others, it is not necessary to decorate the harness with too protruding elements so that animal trauma does not occur,

• do not save by buying this item, as it is the most important equipment.


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